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Martech Leader Clari Improves Go-to-Market Effectiveness

New account-level insights and diagnostics for winning customers and growing revenue in the remote selling era
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Clari, the revenue operations leader, today announced Account Engagement, delivering actionable AI insights about account relationships and activity to help leaders strategically identify risk and opportunity and deploy resources against the accounts that matter most. In an increasingly remote selling environment, best-in-class revenue teams rely on Clari’s Account Engagement to manage rep and buyer activity on target accounts and align go-to-market strategy and sales execution in real-time.

For most companies, the stale activity data in spreadsheets and CRM don’t provide an accurate picture of deal risk and team performance at the account level. Account Engagement combines CRM data with activity signals from email, calendar and other systems — using Clari’s time-series Data Hub — to provide a holistic view into the history of every touch-point with every account. Now revenue leaders can understand how reps are engaging with accounts, what accounts are at risk, and what the whitespace potential is, so they can strategically allocate resources to drive higher customer retention and increase penetration into new accounts.

“Knowing where we stand with our target accounts is priceless. We used to run reports and request updates from individual reps to understand where we had risk and upside,” said Jake Mars, SVP Americas at Alteryx. “With Clari, we have all our account engagement data at our fingertips, so we can make informed decisions about account segmentation and territory planning, and understand what actions we need to take to accelerate conversions.”

Account Engagement gives revenue leaders a clear, continuously updated understanding of how their workforce is interacting with their accounts with these AI insights:

  • Account Heatmap: See activity for any given account so you can easily understand which ones are healthy and which require attention.
  • Engagement KPIs: View meetings, emails and other engagement metrics across accounts to ensure your reps are spending their time and effort wisely.
  • Territory Coverage: Track rep engagement against the accounts that they own so you can optimize territory distribution and make sure all accounts are getting enough attention.
  • Account Whitespace: Quickly identify accounts with no recent activity so you can prompt your team to increase engagement.

Account Engagement launches with a range of data integrations including Dialpad, Drift, Highspot, Marketo, Outreach, and RingCentral. These integrations connect these data silos to provide a single source of truth about every account, by intelligently mapping every interaction to the correct prospect and customer account.

“Our mission is to give teams more control over their revenue from the point of initial engagement to closed business and expansion, especially at times when teams are switching to remote selling,” said Andy Byrne CEO of Clari. “With this launch we’re providing complete visibility into customer engagement to drive higher effectiveness of GTM strategies across all stages of the revenue process.”

“The ability to quickly track the success of GTM strategies is critical for any revenue organization and especially in the current market environment,” said Craig Rosenberg, chief analyst and co-founder of TOPO Research. “Visibility into engagement of target accounts and where teams are spending their time provides insights into how strategy changes are performing. Revenue teams need this insight not in 6 or 12 months but in real-time, so they can see what’s working and make the necessary adjustments to stay on track to achieve their goals.”

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