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Martech Leader Transcosmos Teams Up with Yext

The companies formed a joint sales team with the goal of bringing Yext's exceptional search experience to more businesses in the region
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Transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company has formed the first and the most powerful strategic collaboration of its kind with Yext (NYSE: YEXT; Yext Japan K.K.: Chairman: Eiji Uda), the Answers Search Company, to increase the sales of the Japanese version of Yext Answers.

Yext Answers is an innovative search-as-a-service platform powered by advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology. It puts direct, actionable answers to consumers’ queries on a company’s website, so that businesses can drive conversions right on the search results page, reduce support costs, and gain new customer insights.

With the aim of boosting clients’ customer experience (CX), transcosmos provides various services with the largest scale of framework in Japan including customer services, ad delivery, and website development and operations. In particular, transcosmos has been promoting businesses to implement chat and on-site self-service solutions in addition to call services so that they can optimize communication with consumers, as well as providing consumers with greater convenience.

By working strategically with Yext to accelerate the expansion of Answers in Japan, transcosmos will enable businesses to deliver an easy-to-understand, user-friendly search experience on their websites. Ultimately, transcosmos helps companies boost CX comprehensively by enhancing the level of customer support service, increasing ad conversion rate, and reducing website exit rate with a focus on user sentiment and behavior. Enabling consumers to obtain the information they need quickly and efficiently is particularly beneficial for businesses, as it will lead to reduced incoming calls to call centers, thereby reducing support costs.

To drive the adoption of Yext Answers, transcosmos and Yext plan to form a joint team consisting of 20 sales and implementation support members. By delivering the new search experience to as many businesses and organizations as possible, transcosmos will help clients solve their challenges, drive their digital transformation, and achieve a better CX.

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