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Martech Organization Xenon arc Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

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Xenon arc, a leading data-driven marketing and sales organization, announced the recognition of its 10-year anniversary.

Originally founded by technology, producer and distributor industry veterans seeking to improve the marketing, sales, and service dynamic between major materials producers and their small, non-core customers, Xenon arc’s disruptive model has experienced rapid growth across multiple continents and end-use markets fueled by its industry-leading talent, business processes and cutting-edge technology platform.

Xenon arc, with its xa-DIRECT model and underlying technology platforms, deploys dedicated, branded commercial teams to represent specific producers, their products, and respective brand promises to their non-core, small business customer base.

“Whereas we are incredibly proud of the value we’ve created for our clients, customers and shareholders, we believe we have only scratched the surface of the overall opportunity,” commented Paul J. Warburg, President & Chief Executive. “Aside from the leading customer experience and technical support we are delivering, we continue to drive industry-leading innovations – from conntact™, our business intelligence platform for our clients, to our recently launched and widely accepted directibility™ online commerce platform for end-use customers, we continue to reduce the friction points to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness for all parties.”

“I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to our clients and customers, and most importantly to our team of high character and can-do attitude individual team members,” concluded Mr. Warburg. “Our core values and principles will remain the bedrock of success as we drive innovation and disrupt traditional industry norms while delivering exceptional results for all stakeholders.”

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