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Matchbook & Snowflake Advance Trusted Data for Business Intelligence

Matchbook joins Powered by Snowflake program to accelerate enablement of data for faster decision-making
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  • Matchbook AI delivers accurate, actionable data in real time
  • Matchbook AI illuminates data to help businesses make better and faster decisions, with algorithms that automate efficiencies and processes
  • Matchbook AI goes beyond data mastering to cleanse, match, enrich and standardize, as well as mitigate risks with effective trade compliance and monitoring

Matchbook AI is expanding its transformational Reference Data as a Service platform that delivers accurate and actionable data on demand for companies that struggle with the ongoing pain of disparate and low-quality data. Matchbook AI’s platform provides a just-in-time data smart solution for business intelligence that resides between the customer’s enterprise data systems and external reference data sources. The Matchbook AI platform is now powered by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, fueling joint customers with intelligent data for near real time decision-making and managed data that can be shared across enterprises.

How the Matchbook AI platform works: 
The Matchbook AI platform enables real-time access to actionable information and insights at every level of the organization. Matchbook AI accelerates decision-making by connecting enterprise systems and processes, whether it be vendor, procurement, supply chain, marketing, finance, or customers’ data, and integrating it with commercial reference data.

Matchbook joins the Powered by Snowflake program 
Joining the Powered by Snowflake program in March 2022, Matchbook AI is continuing to refine and improve its trusted data for business intelligence with the Snowflake Data Cloud. Snowflake’s platform complements Matchbook AI’s strategic decision-making mission, extending the benefit of an architecture designed to deliver incredibly fast querying times at scale to joint customers. In addition, it ensures near-zero maintenance while enabling outcomes with secure near-instant seamless sharing of live data.

“With the Powered by Snowflake program, we can accelerate time to market, deliver a better customer experience, and improve operational efficiency by leveraging the speed, scale, and performance of Snowflake’s platform,” says Rushabh Mehta, founder and CEO of Matchbook AI. “Our customers represent global leaders from across industries. They have sought out Matchbook to solve complex data problems and get a better data experience, faster queries and trusted outcomes they can act on in real time.”

Regulatory compliance through trusted data 
Global regulatory compliance is also an important part of the data journey, with billions lost to non-compliance fines each year. From data management to global regulatory requirements, Matchbook AI’s Sentinel product enables companies with CDM, vendor onboarding, financial risk, AML / OFAC, Data Management needs.

Customer success:  
Prior to using Matchbook AI, one of the leading commercial insurance providers in North America experienced significant delays in accessing accurate risk information for timely decisions and did not have insights into the changing risk profile of their portfolio. Leveraging Matchbook AI, the insurer now accesses and mitigates risks at the point of underwriting while monitoring in near-real time changes to risk across their commercial portfolio.

Visit Matchbook AI at Snowflake Summit June 13-16  
Matchbook AI is proud to be a sponsor of Snowflake Summit 2022, live in Las Vegas, Nevada, from June 13 to 16, 2022. Visit booth #1917C to learn more.

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