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Measured Launches In UK With New Tools

Media Plan Optimiser from Measured saves time and reduces guesswork with accurate, automated spend recommendations for every advertising channel and tactic.
  • In the last year, Measured has optimised more than £3.65 billion in advertising spend worldwide
  • Actionable incrementality insights and new Media Plan Optimiser will help marketers who are facing increasing pressure to validate and improve return on advertising spend
  • Customer brand True Classic says, “The tool has saved our team a lot of time deliberating over marketing mix decisions.”

Measured has launched new tools and features to help marketers maximise advertising ROI and find new ways to grow. The latest product launch also marks Measured’s official arrival in the UK market to revolutionise how British retailers measure – and spend – their media budgets. Measured is the only media optimisation platform that reveals the true incremental contribution of advertising spend to business results.

“Marketers are under constant pressure to not only prove the business impact of every dollar they spend, but also predict the impact of every dollar they plan to spend,” said Trevor Testwuide, co-founder and CEO at Measured. “That pressure is even more intense when there is uncertainty about the future, like the threat of a recession. By unlocking the power of the industry’s largest collection of media incrementality intelligence, Measured tools enable customers to continuously adapt and optimise media for their business-critical metrics.”

Measured customers take scalpel to waste in marketing spend

With the current recession in the UK, businesses are looking for ways to save money. Measuring the incremental contribution media investments make to business results can identify where to eliminate waste and determine the right channels, campaigns, and tactics to focus on to remain profitable.

“By automatically calculating the estimated outcomes of proposed changes to our media mix, Media Plan Optimiser enables us to make confident decisions about spend allocation,” said Eli Esagoff, Growth Marketer at True Classic. “The ability to choose from different levels of intensity, based on budget flexibility and appetite for change, means it’s great for any type of advertiser. The tool has saved our team a lot of time deliberating over marketing mix decisions.”

In the last year, Measured has been used by brands to optimise more than £3.65 billion in global advertising spend. Marketers at leading UK consumer brands, including MADE, Dermalogica UK, AB InBev UK and Stance, trust Measured to connect advertising spend to business results and answer the toughest marketing questions being asked by executives and stakeholders.

New tools give marketers true visibility over how spend drives results

Measured’s Media Plan Optimiser and a new benchmark comparison tool provide marketers with instant insights and recommendations to drive media efficiency and maximise the impact of their media spend.

The Media Plan Optimiser saves time and reduces guesswork with accurate, automated spend recommendations for every channel and tactic. Using incrementality-driven allocation technology, integrated with company performance data, it shows how to generate the best results on every channel, while taking into account the diminishing returns of increasing spend. With customisable budgets, objectives, and optimisation strengths, advertisers can run and compare multiple scenarios in minutes to uncover opportunities to increase efficiency, scale, and diversify spend.

With the new benchmarks’ comparison feature, brands can also compare their critical media allocation, performance, and growth metrics against other brands in the Measured portfolio. By tracking costs, spend allocation, and results of similar brands, advertisers can identify market trends and reveal new channels or tactics worth exploring.

Continuously updated with cross-portfolio data and insights from ongoing incrementality testing, marketers can use comparison data to answers questions like:

  • Do I allocate more or less of my budget than my peers to certain channels or tactics?
  • Are my conversion rates similar to other brands?
  • Am I paying more than other brands for the same media?
  • Is my media driving more incremental sales than other brands in my category?
  • What other channels and tactics are working for my peer group that I should consider adding to my mix?

Incrementality measurement for media attribution gains momentum

As outdated models like multi-touch attribution break down due to increasing restrictions on how companies collect data and track users, incrementality-based attribution is on the rise as a reliable – and privacy compliant – method for measuring ad performance. Test and control experiments used to measure incrementality do not require tracking at the user level and can be used to determine which media channels or tactics contribute to business metrics – and by how much.

The Measured platform is anchored on results and data from thousands of incrementality experiments that were run by all types of businesses and measured against actual conversion data from the brands. This collection of incrementality intelligence, only accessible to Measured customers, continuously grows more powerful as it is updated with results from hundreds of ongoing in-market tests. For each new customer, Measured builds direct connections to each available data source, then applies proprietary incrementality insights to the brand data to enable optimisation across all media channels in just two weeks.

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