Mediavine announces new solution for publisher partners

Company Launches Journey for Smaller Websites

Mediavine, the largest exclusive full-service ad management firm in the U.S., announced Journey, a new ad management solution for websites with traffic starting at around 10,000 monthly sessions. Journey by Mediavine was designed and built from the ground up as a solution for newer publishers.

Utilizing Mediavine’s cutting-edge ad technology, Journey by Mediavine provides smaller website owners with complete access to our comprehensive suite of first-party data and identity solutions.

Journey by Mediavine is a self-service solution, making registration and onboarding a seamless experience. Directly following enrollment, Journey publishers will have access to tools needed to sustainably scale their business in today’s internet in addition to monetization solutions that don’t compromise pagespeed or user experience.

“Today marks a significant milestone for Mediavine as we reaffirm our commitment to empowering independent publishers worldwide. Our mission has always been to help content creators build sustainable businesses. Now, we’re doubling down by supporting creators even earlier in their path to success,” said Eric Hochberger, Mediavine CEO and Co-Founder. “With the launch of Journey, we’re bringing Mediavine’s award-winning ad management to publishers of all sizes. This expansion underscores our dedication to democratizing access to powerful monetization tools and championing a thriving ecosystem for digital content creators everywhere.”

Journey by Mediavine will represent an additional advertising option for advertisers, providing them additional brand safe avenues to reach new audiences. Additionally, existing Mediavine publishers will reap the rewards of the authenticated traffic generated by these new sites through our cohesive first-party data approach, collective growth becomes achievable for all involved.

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