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Mobile for Revenue – Top 3 tips to keep in mind

Mobile web traffic started surpassing the desktop traffic by late 2015 for the very first time. Ever since then we have been living in a world wherein our phones have totally taken over lives. There is a new technology that emerges every day and mobile device usage has been raging making mobile marketing a rage for the coming years.

Mobile has become the go-to device for every problem and for further researching about every solution. Nowadays with Google intensifying its customer experience with voice agents and new updates, mobile phones are the “it” for every genre around.

At such a time working towards catering to the consumers is very important for all the companies. It is extremely necessary to be updated on the latest trends and enrich your customer’s or prospect’s experience via whichever medium they are mostly on. Visibility is one of the most important aspects of today’s time.

But for understanding the X-factors that would give your business a solid edge let us first dive into the basics of Mobile Marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile marketing is the technique of marketing your business in order to appeal and gauge the interest of mobile device users. When blended with a powerful mix of personalization, time sensitivity, location sensitivity, and app preferences, it can easily turn prospects to customers.

Why Mobile Marketing?
A good mobile marketing strategy is as necessary as a computer and wi-fi access. Even if you just glance around, you will find a couple of faces always glued to their screens. Mobiles are one mode that has people irrespective of age and geographies. This makes it a vital channel of marketing personalization and a go-to for catching the attention of the prospect.

Let us further back the importance of mobile marketing with some powerful statistics:

  • According to a recent survey by Adweek, it found 88% growth year over year in the time that people spend over videos on their smartphone.
  • According to CIODive 2018, up to 70 percent of the total traffic generates on mobile devices.
  • According to Statista, about 95.1 percent of active FB user accounts are accessed via a mobile device.
  • According to Fortune 2017, 60 percent of the LinkedIn traffic is generated through mobile
  • According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, 85 percent of the total time spent by the users is spent on a mobile device.

This clearly proves the fact that companies need to get up to date with the mobile phenomenon and creatively enhance and strategize their marketing and targeting moves.

Let us quickly dive into the top three marketing tips to drive sales:

1. A mobile-friendly website
In order to gauge attention from such a diverse group of prospects and to gauge their attention, you have to first work towards making your site mobile friendly. You need to make sure that the menu and content combine together for a great and visibly attractive display. Having a mobile-friendly theme is extremely important for the sites whose business is directly dependent on the site design. One should do thorough research along with a dedicated trial run on the mobile devices to see which theme suits you the most. Currently, there are several plugins that are available for making your mobile site extremely attractive, to-the-point and mobile-friendly.

2. Branding using mobile users
Mobile is something that nobody can ignore. Bloggers, influencers, developers, business owners, everyone is trying to give their best possible attention and up-gradation to their channelization via mobiles.

Mobile ads play a crucial deal to help get your brand out there in the public eye. Instagram has lately seen effective advertising results. This is mainly because you have the freedom to channelize your ads according to the browsing history of the prospects. You just have to select the right preferences for yourself and identify your core audience. It is your job to help the mobile users to discover you. Having a strong SEO game is extremely important as that helps in delivering convenience to your users.

You also have to help mobile users discover you, using mobile SEO and delivering convenience so that users can easily access your products and services and get what they need.

3. Location-based marketing
>Mobile users often have a tendency to look for things locally. Getting your business onto the local map is extremely important for your business. Google M Business makes this very easy for all the businesses. This not only increases the authenticity of your site but also increases its awareness amongst the viewers and prospective buyers. Also since you are getting Google enlisted this increases your organic web traffic a great deal.

From taking keynotes from the above-mentioned statistics we can clearly conclude mobile marketing is the next wave of change that is going to grab the market by storm. Hence all the businesses should try and improve their mobile marketing strategy for better visibility, better engagement, and better conversions.


    Chandrima Samanta
    Content-Editor at MartechCube
    Chandrima is a Content management executive with a flair for creating high quality content irrespective of genre. She believes in crafting stories irrespective of genre and bringing them to a creative form. Prior to working for MartechCube she was a Business Analyst with Capgemini.

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