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MoEngage Partners with Anti-Superficial Dating App S’More

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S’More redefines the mobile dating experience, partners with MoEngage to create a highly personalized customer experience

S’More, the anti-superficial dating app that connects singles based on content instead of looks, has tapped insights-led customer engagement platform MoEngage to provide hyper-personalized experiences across mobile channels such as push notifications and in-app campaigns. Leveraging MoEngage’s data-driven customer insights, S’More can onboard customers and then analyze, segment, and send highly personalized messages that keep them coming back to make more meaningful connections.

Launched in 2020, S’More (founded by a former managing director from Bumble) seeks to redefine the online dating experience. Unlike other dating apps, S’More considers a person’s character before their physical attributes. Instead of asking singles to swipe based on a photo, the company has ushered in 3D profiles that include voice and music with a slow photo reveal mechanic. The more users chat, the more photos are revealed, and other visual content unlocks, giving more singles a shot at love. S’More is also the only community app for singles that is not transactional; instead, there are organic ways to discover someone new, including its popular video channels.

As singles peruse through exclusive video content on S’More, they can organically discover other people who have viewed, liked, and commented on those videos and then share them across social media. Videos are now consumed by over 72% of the app’s audience. S’More is one of the most recommended dating products on the app store. The company also produces the #1 celebrity dating show on Instagram with more than 225 episodes, 10 million views, and 100+ hours of exclusive content.

“Personalization is very important to our community, and unfortunately, most singles apps are cookie-cutter and lack the ability to personalize the experience. MoEngage’s ability to use real-time cohort data to drive specific activity on S’More is unique. Reaching the right customer, with the right content, at the right time is paramount for a robust customer relationship strategy and when done correctly helps to scale a network effect business like S’More seamlessly,” said Adam Cohen Aslatei, CEO of S’More. “We use MoEngage to cohort our customer base and message them in a way that gets them active, excited, and meeting more people. We’ve seen MoEngage drive increases of 20-30% in app engagement activity. MoEngage’s customer engagement platform ensures that our customers are having more conversations and entering more meaningful relationships.”

MoEngage’s AI-powered platform helps brands drive engagement through highly personalized content served to customers across multiple engagement channels, such as email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages. MoEngage’s technology has a proven track record of guiding new app customers smoothly through the onboarding process and then serving content that feels customized to the customer’s specific journey. MoEngage helps brands unlock the value of customer data, providing a 360-degree view of each customer’s unique preferences and interests—and shares actionable insights and recommendations for brand marketers based on that data. Brands can confidently send the right message across the customer’s most preferred channels. Using MoEngage, S’More can map the customer onboarding journey, conduct targeted A/B testing to understand customers’ likes and dislikes, learn when customers need more attention and why, and send hyper-personalized content that helps customers find the relationships they’ve been looking for.

“MoEngage and S’More are perfectly matched when it comes to understanding the importance of personalization,” said Raviteja Dodda, co-founder and CEO of MoEngage. “Our proprietary AI engine Sherpa helps app makers like S’More delight their customers with tailored recommendations and offers based on their preferences, behavior, demographics, interests, transactions, and more. S’More is an example of a disruptive new company that is using our technology to redefine their industry, and we’re proud to work with them.”

Capabilities of MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform include:

  • AI-based Segmentation: Automatically segment customers into micro-groups based on their behavior and affinity, allowing brands to move beyond basic segmentation to craft brilliant digital engagement campaigns across channels at scale.
  • Predictive Insights: Analyze possible future actions of customers, so marketers can build stronger relationships by anticipating their needs. Identify which customers are likely to churn, become inactive, or purchase more from marketers’ brand.
  • Omnichannel Engagement: Create seamless, connected customer experiences across channels and devices. Automate workflows that use email, text, push notifications, chat, retargeting channels, and more to engage customers.
  • Personalization: Sync brand’s product or content catalog with customer preferences, behavior, purchase patterns, and attributes. Delight them with recommendations that are spot-on, every time.

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