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MultiVu Launches Digital Marketing Suite

MultiVu Launches Digital Marketing Suite

In the ever-changing digital landscape, it can be a challenging task for a brand to find ways to engage with its audience where they are. A recent report from Pew Research Center reveals that 77% of Americans go online on a daily basis, with 26% saying they are online almost constantly. If your target demographic happens to be younger, more educated, and/or bringing home more income, that number is even higher.

These are important trends to understand when considering where to spend your brand’s carefully budgeted dollars. Add in the flexibility, affordability, and likelihood for engagement with a digital audience, and your strategy sessions will lead you right to having Digital Marketing as a top priority.

Here at MultiVu, we have always had a suite of solutions for your Digital Marketing needs. However, we’ve recently re-organized ourselves, added in some shiny new tools [discussed below], and are excited to unveil our official Digital Marketing Suite!

Here’s a preview of the solutions we offer:

Social Video
Video is still king when it comes to content, but the rise of smartphones has drastically changed the ways in which most people interact with it. Most people watch videos on social media without turning their sound on (such as when they’re scrolling in public). To get them your message – and to accommodate any accessibility needs – it’s a savvy marketer who will make sure to include text in that video. Have a video to feature that’s too long for social but want to still get their attention? Take a nod from the movies and create a short trailer (with text!) of your video to grab their attention. We can take your already existing content and create this social video for you with this new offering.

MNRs (Multichannel News Releases)
Arguably our best-known legacy solution, MNRs are a custom-designed landing page for your content promotion that adheres to search engine optimization (SEO) and call to action best practices. Not only do we distribute your MNR to TV, radio, and print news stations, but we also post your content to online sites, social media, video channels, your custom email list, a digital outdoor sign in Times Square, and to a targeted audience via native advertising. We can supplement this all with audience retargeting, and we always provide an analytics report for your review to track key performance indicators (KPIs).

Catalyst Interactive Web Experiences
Have a great site and want to create an engaging, interactive experience? Looking for new ideas on conversion rate optimization (CRO)? Our new Catalyst product allows you to customize web-based interactive content – increasing retention, revisits, and sharing. HubSpot reports that they experimented with having a slide-in box on their blog, and it achieved a “192% higher clickthrough rate, and 27% more submissions than a regular CTA at the bottom of a blog post.” We have designers on hand who will help build your interactive solution, like a quiz, interactive infographic, calculator – you name it! We’ll work with you throughout the creative process, and then you can implement it onto your own site or even include it on an MNR.

Premium Publisher Advertising
Perhaps nothing has evolved faster than native advertising’s paying for clicks and impressions, A/B testing keyword-rich, attention-grabbing ad text, and homing in on a target audience. While we do still include guaranteed clicks with our MNRs (almost a dinosaur in native advertising these days), we also have Premium Publisher Advertising that focuses on getting your content to your target audience on the sites they visit the most. Take a look at the sample site list.

Full Episode Player (Connected TV)
A :15 or :30 second video spot that is delivered through an internet-connected TV (smart TV or with the use of Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Fire TV) or internet-connected device (desktops, mobile, tablets) via app-based providers such as ABC, A&E, NBC, Discovery, etc. Although these spots do air on TV, they are airing on TV network apps; therefore, the videos are served to an “in demo” audience in the full episode content they are viewing. The best part about the Full Episode Player is that the spots cannot be skipped.

Pre-Roll Video Ads
Like the Full Episode Player, this option also allows for targeted delivery of video ads. Rather than playing like a commercial in the middle of app TV episodes, pre-roll allows for a :15 or :30 second video to play before the main video that the user has selected on a specific website. With pre-roll video, we can target the content nationally, by market, or by zip code. We can also target demographics on many levels, including – but not limited to – age, gender, household income, # of family members in the household, and certain behaviors. Pre-roll only airs on brand-safe websites and is clickable.

Influencer Marketing
Looking for the perfect spokesperson for your campaign? Considering an influencer? We offer hand-selected influencer recruitment. Influencer marketing works best as part of an overall brand strategy, and we can work with you to evaluate brand needs, campaign metrics, and consumer mindset to develop a full influencer strategy for your campaign.

The sooner into your process you welcome us into your conversation, the more we can help with a full-scale strategy! The best starting place is with our Solutions Finder tool, which will lead you through some basic questions and send us your information for us to put together a custom proposal. Let’s talk!


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