MWWPR Proprietary Analytics Platform MPACT Finalist for Best Marketing Technology

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MWWPR, one of the top independent and integrated public relations agencies, has been recognized for its proprietary analytics platform, MPACT by The Holmes Report’s Innovation (In2) SABRE awards as a best marketing technology. The In2 SABRE awards honor work that pushed boundaries and elevated industry standards in 2019, when the platform launched Martech News.

MPACT was developed and built by the firm’s Insights and Analytics team to track communications efforts in an attempt to help get closer to solving an industry-wide problem of showing how public relations solutions impact business outcomes.

MPACT allows MWWPR to better understand trends and the competitive landscape, and most importantly, analyze the business impact of communications programs for the agency’s clients by taking a cross-channel lens across paid, earned, and owned media.  The MPACT platform ensures MWWPR’s programs are advancing clients’ business objectives, along with providing the intelligence needed to develop actionable insights by aggregating relevant first, second, and third-party data sources. Additionally, MPACT provides the unique benefit of archiving these data sources for future analysis.

“MWWPR continues increasing focus on providing the most creative, insightful and measurable solutions for our clients. MPACT was strategically designed to offer our clients additional critical tools and insight to accomplish their goals,” said Michael Kempner, Founder and CEO of MWWPR. “With the proper datasets, the relationship and impact between communications efforts and business results tells a holistic and meaningful story to help move the needle for our clients’ businesses.”

The MPACT platform maintains and visualizes all relevant data to easily gain insight into channels, campaigns and tactics that are working best. This allows us to provide the necessary data to guide strategic earned media from creative campaign development to plan optimization.

MWWPR is also a finalist for its work with Barefoot in Best Influencer Programs + Endorsements. These nominations come on the heels of the agency’s debut ranking on Observer’s “PR Power 50” list.

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