1Digital Agency Does Web Design, Development, and SEO With the Knife Connection

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1Digital Agency has announced that The Knife Connection has signed on as a client for custom design, web development, and SEO projects.

Founded in 2008 by outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking, hunting, and fishing, The Knife Connection has grown from a small family business that packaged orders at the kitchen table to one of the largest online retailers of knives and outdoor gear Martech News.

The Knife Connection offers numerous benefits, including competitive pricing on products, free shipping on orders over $99, and fast shipping that gets products on their way on the same day or next business day. Martech

In addition, The Knife Connection offers personalized customer service that focuses on the needs of the customer and treats them as a partner. The satisfaction of every customer is a measurement of the success of The Knife Connection. As an online retailer, The Knife Connection also provides a secure shopping experience so customers can purchase with confidence.

As part of their relationship with 1Digital Agency, The Knife Connection continues to develop a website that is modern and easy to use with a development project that provides more functionality. Additionally, The Knife Connection has signed on as an SEO client with 1Digital Agency for digital marketing services, targeting a variety of keywords specific to products and categories relevant to the business.

1Digital Agency is an eCommerce design, web development, and eCommerce SEO agency based in Philadelphia, PA. The priority of 1Digital Agency remains the same with every client: always working to create success stories for clients in design, development and digital marketing that shows results that help increase search engine rankings, provide a higher domain authority, and a greater digital presence.

With 1Digital Agency, clients work directly with experts in the industry on all things digital from web design to web development to digital marketing activities like SEO, or search engine optimization. Clients remain an important part of the 1Digital process from start to finish, continuing an ongoing relationship between the agency and the client with the common goal of achieving success.

With every project, 1Digital Agency discusses a client’s goals and constructs a strategy for building online success. Call the eCommerce professionals and experts at 1Digital Agency today at 215-809-1567, send an email to to get started, or visit to learn more about other clients and the success stories behind them.

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