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Nakheel and Hypermedia’s exclusive 10-Year DOOH Media partnership

Transforming Dubai's Landscapes into Dynamic Media Destinations

Hypermedia, a prominent regional leader in Out-of-Home (OOH) media experiences and technology, has signed a groundbreaking Digital OOH media partnership with Nakheel, the world-leading master developer. This exclusive 10-year agreement, grants Hypermedia, a subsidiary of W Group Holding, media rights and development privileges for Nakheel’s prestigious communities and assets, including Palm Jumeirah, 12 vibrant communities, 13 exquisite malls as well as several large hoardings across Dubai.

Abed Bibi, Chief Marketing Officer at Nakheel said “We are delighted to partner with Hypermedia to amplify Nakheel’s digital branding across the OOH media space. Their cutting-edge technology combined with the strategic locations of our lifestyle developments, will boost Nakheel’s digital connect with our widespread audience by offering data-driven branding. We are confident this partnership will resonate with Dubai‘s residents and visitors as we move into a seamless digital network that is bound to create compelling and immersive experiences for all”.

Habib Wehbi, Chairman and Group CEO of W Group Holding, expressed his enthusiasm regarding this strategic partnership, stating that; “This collaboration with Nakheel is a significant milestone in our journey. We are excited to extend our media network into these vibrant communities, taking the DOOH sector to new heights of engagement and measurement. By leveraging our expertise and employing the latest innovations in digital solutions and smart data measurement tools, we are set to revolutionise the DOOH industry in the country, transforming communities into media destinations for renowned brands.”

In accordance with the agreement, Hypermedia will implement a state-of-the-art digital network, elevating Nakheel communities into a world-class media network. This infusion of digital innovation will enhance the prestigious and high-end lifestyle experience synonymous with Nakheel’s destinations, encompassing residential, business, and tourism sectors.

Building on the success of Hypermedia’s previous milestone achievement in public transportation and other prominent communities, this new venture will redefine the Digital OOH landscape across Dubai. The partnership encompasses renowned destinations such as Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Islands, and numerous others, totaling over 15,000 hectares and currently providing homes for over 700,000 residents.

In all Nakheel communities, and particularly within Palm Jumeirah, Hypermedia is leading a brand elevation initiative through its DOOH landscape. Positioned strategically within this prestigious locale, Hypermedia will actively attract new luxury segment brands that align with the affluent demographics and unparalleled attractions that characterise Palm Jumeirah as a global landmark and destination.

The digital network to be installed across Palm Jumeirah features various formats meticulously designed and strategically located to enhance the media journey. From digital unipoles at the entrance to large panels along the shoreline and digital signages at the frond entrances, each element has been thoughtfully crafted to elevate the brand experience, creating an immersive and captivating narrative within these prominent communities.

In addition, the agreement also covers the media rights of five large hoardings, providing brands with an infinite impact due to their unmissable large size. Hypermedia’s media assets throughout Nakheel will be empowered by cutting-edge data measurement tools, enabling brands to craft data-driven campaigns for maximum impact and optimised return on investment (ROI).

This partnership between Hypermedia and Nakheel marks a transformative chapter in Dubai‘s media landscape, propelling OOH advertising into a new era of engagement and innovation.

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