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Nearly Half of Small Businesses Have a Mobile App in 2022

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Top Design Firms, a resource finding the right creative agency, found that almost half of small businesses (48%) currently have mobile applications to connect with customers.

This figure represents a 16% jump from 2021 — the significant increase shows how mobile app technology is impacting the ways small businesses operate.

Additionally, around 27% of the respondents that don’t have mobile apps said they have plans to invest in one to support future business growth.

In this new 2022 report, Top Design Firms examines trends in the mobile app space, discovers how small businesses utilize their platforms, and shifts in the market for small business mobile apps.

Results are based on a survey containing mobile app development plans from 1,003 small business owners and managers.

2022 Mobile App Trends

The Top Design Firms team highlights the following statistics:

  • Mobile apps are increasing in popularity — nearly half (48%) of small businesses have an app in 2022, compared to one-third (32%) in 2021.
  • In 2022, only 13% of small businesses don’t plan to release a mobile app, compared to 26% in 2021.
  • Small businesses are most motivated to build a mobile app to improve customer service (19%) and boost branding efforts (19%).
  • Outsourcing is the most popular way small businesses choose to build an app: 79% of small businesses outsource to either an app development team or a freelancer. Additionally, 46% of companies have an in-house development team and 43% use DIY software.
  • Most small businesses have apps for both iOS and Android devices (37%), while 35% have only an Android app and 25% exclusively offer their app to iOS users.

Many small companies recognized an opportunity to interact with clients on mobile apps, as the amount of time people spend on mobile devices grew during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a driver for small businesses to establish their own apps.

Ian Sells, founder and CEO of Rebatekey, explained his company’s decision to build a mobile app, “We knew it was time to make a mobile app when the number of our mobile users began to significantly contribute to the site’s traffic.”

“We don’t want to waste the opportunity. Creating a mobile app can help increase usage accessibility among our buyers and even the sellers who use our product,” Sells said.

Uncover more findings and take a deeper dive into mobile app trends by checking out the full report:

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