•During this era of uncertainty and transformation of consumer purchasing, companies need to evaluate and realign their digital efforts to reach customers in the $4.1 trillion E-commerce market •Global digital accelerator new offerings include a comprehensive suite of services and plug-and-play solutions.
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In response to this era of uncertainty and transformation of consumer purchasing, NEORIS, a global digital accelerator, announced today the NEORIS Smart E-commerce Solution to help companies achieve their digital goals in this challenging environment.

With a consumer purchasing E-commerce surpassing $4.1 trillion globally in 2020 and more than 2 billion digital buyers in the world, companies need to rebalance their B2B2C model. NEORIS Smart E-commerce Solution is designed to allow companies transform their Digital Roadmap to deliver a frictionless E-commerce process by anticipating demand and delivering amazing online experiences across all touchpoints with new and existing customers.  The digital architecture interconnects modern digital platforms with advanced CRM and traditional Supply-Chain ERP systems and smart insights that drive real-time decision-making based on factual data, increasing connectivity to customers. Data is collected and analyzed in real time, allowing a responsive, hyper-personalized effort catered to customer needs as the digital market continues to expand.

To develop this solution, NEORIS leverages advanced machine learning, powerful data ingestion tools and data science capabilities to deliver insights to anticipate and rapidly react to customer and internal operational requirements in marketing, sales, supply-chain, customer management and other business functions.

“NEORIS’ E-commerce consulting process rethinks a business from end-to-end, reducing risks and enabling a smooth purchasing process, increasing consumer loyalty and satisfaction” says Anthony DeLima, President of NEORIS USA and global leader for Smart E-commerce solutions. “Ultimately it’s about enabling companies to interact with consumers and employees in ways never envisioned. It’s about helping companies to build communities of loyal customers, having a deep understanding of their wants and needs and ensuring flawless execution across all aspects of the business,” said DeLima.

Companies without the right approach risk mistakes, including failing to meet consumers’ expectations when the right E-commerce roadmap is not followed. This can severely damage a business’ reputation, creating unrepairable misconceptions with potential clientele, affecting the digital experience, supply chain, customer service and other areas of a company’s value chain. Well-designed E-commerce websites can see an increase of 35.26% in conversion rate, an important consideration when nearly 21% of shoppers abandon purchases if frustrated by their online interactions.

“One thing we have seen in this pandemic and with the rapid E-commerce market growth is that companies already advanced in their digital efforts were ready for this challenge and suffered the least,” says Martin Mendez, CEO at NEORIS. “Now is the perfect moment for companies to invest in and continue to improve their digital plans to prepare for continued E-commerce growth and any unforeseen challenges into the future.”

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