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NetElixir Releases AI-Powered Digital Marketing Platform

Increase Your ROAS By Targeting Your Best Customers

NetElixir, one of the fastest-growing independent digital marketing agencies in the United States, recently launched their proprietary AI-powered digital marketing platform, LXRInsights. This new product combines the power of machine learning with a human touch.

LXRInsights’ key features include:

  • Seamless integration with major platforms like Google Ads and Meta to launch one-click remarketing campaigns
  • Empowering machine learning algorithms to continually find similar high-value audiences based on initial high-quality signals
  • Sharing actionable data and insights to help marketers make crucial budgeting decisions about which channels best support their growth goals
  • High-Value Customer Score to easily quantify the worth of newly acquired customers
  • Experiments Playbook to help marketers regularly test and optimize their growth strategies

“The future of digital advertising in the cookieless future will be ruled by walled gardens, where each marketer will need to choose which ones they want to play in,” said Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO of NetElixir. “LXRInsights enhances the levers you can control in these walled gardens, such as audience signals. Our platform helps determine which levers you need to pull in order to win your best customers.”

Already, NetElixir’s LXRInsights has seen some phenomenal successes in magnifying the reach of Google Ads and Meta campaigns for our clients. Leveraging LXRInsights’ high-value customer segments led to a 2x increase in conversions compared to regular audiences, which contributed to earning 133% of their quarterly target revenue for a leading beauty brand. Social campaigns targeted to LXRInsights’ lookalike high-value customer list for a leading scrubs retailer generated a 39% higher conversion rate compared to Meta’s benchmark. These high-value customers then spent 15-30 seconds more on the website after interacting with an ad compared to other audiences.

All this is just the beginning. Based on user feedback from LXRInsights clients and internal experimentation, the team is continually evolving LXRInsights’ offerings. In the new year, NetElixir aims to offer:

  • Over 20 features to determine a customer’s high-value score and a roadmap on how to increase customer loyalty
  • Extensive Experiments Playbook to help marketers continually refine their brand’s best practices for customer engagement across channels
  • Customer journey map that aligns with product journey map to better chart which products draw in high-value customers
  • Overview of macro trend analysis into online customer behavior to better benchmark your customers

LXRInsights was built after the NetElixir team observed that 12-15% of customers drive over 40% of revenue. By identifying, engaging, and winning those high-value customers, marketers can significantly improve their channel marketing effectiveness while maintaining their budget. Meet your high-value customer now.

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