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NetLine Launches a No-Cost Tool to Access B2B Content Consumption Data

Audience Explorer is the new, exclusive search tool aimed at helping marketers analyze B2B content consumption and buyer engagement in real time
NetLine Launches a No-Cost Tool to Access B2B Content Consumption Data

NetLine possesses the largest repository of content consumption insights on the B2B web. Through over 15,000 web properties and hundreds of thousands of leads processed monthly, NetLine is uniquely positioned to provide marketers with immediate, actionable insights on the content consumption behavior of professionals across the network. Harnessing the value and scale of this data, NetLine has released a new tool to help marketers search and analyze buyer engagement in real time. Audience Explorer is a free tool for B2B marketers to discover their buyers’ content consumption and engagement behavior beyond the boundaries of their own site.

As marketers become more risk-averse in their content strategies, this tool provides buyer insights and data on the content with which in-market buyers are actively engaging. Audience Explorer begins by asking marketers to select the job area of target buyers. From there, capabilities allow users to drill down on their target audience further, with additional filters of job function, job level, company size, industry and region. Results update instantly, rendering interactive charts and content insights.

Trending Topics and Buyer Research Stream provide information on the content that buyers are consuming in real time. For example, marketers seeking to target HR professionals would find that buyers in this audience are actively engaging with content about talent management, staff training, payroll and health insurance. The Buyer Research Stream then provides additional, invaluable data on specific employees conducting this research. Marketers can leverage the individuals’ job title, company, content type and title to sharpen targeting, enhance content resonance or curate custom outreach. Inside the NetLine ecosystem, this data helps marketers pivot and strategize based on the behavior of their custom, in-market audience.

NetLine’s SVP of Audience and Product, David Fortino, shares his perspective on the origins and value of Audience Explorer, “Audience Explorer was developed in direct response to our customers asking for deeper insights into what’s really happening across the B2B web in a transparent fashion. Much of what is available to today’s B2B marketer tends to be black box and subscription oriented. Being that we’re at the epicenter of content-first B2B research patterns and buyer engagement, we felt it was our responsibility to democratize access to these insights on a real-time basis.”

Audience Explorer is the next wave of innovation at NetLine, marking a historic launch of completely transparent access to their content consumption data. On the heels of their latest annual report (2019 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report), this tool provides a customized application of buyer engagement data; advancing the insights within the report, the tool helps marketers apply NetLine’s data to their own target buyers. Marketers can confidently assemble personas based on the actual consumption patterns of real individuals as they are actively consuming content.

Launching in 1994, NetLine has since amassed a bevy of first-party data and adapted to the changing needs of the competitive marketer. Providing access to their repository of buyer engagement data does a service to the industry by allowing marketers to drive their strategies on a factual basis. This shift towards data-centric content marketing products is part of a larger rebranding initiative that positions NetLine as a provider of buyer engagement solutions beyond that of verticalized content syndication vendors or sources of company-level data and signals.

About NetLine Corporation:

NetLine Corporation empowers B2B marketers with the reach, technology and expertise required to drive scalable lead generation results and accelerate the sales funnel. Operating the #1 B2B buyer engagement platform, NetLine provides content-centric lead generation and buyer engagement insights through the largest B2B network on the web. Via its exclusive AudienceTarget™ content recommendation logic, NetLine amasses first-party content consumption activities of 125 million professionals downloading more than 700,000 buyer-specific pieces of content each month. Superior quality, on-demand access and interactive campaign reports deliver measurable ROI, enabling marketers to achieve lead generation success. Founded in 1994, NetLine is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Successful B2B Marketers Start with NetLine. Visit

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