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New Engen Launches Self-Service Platform for Facebook, Instagram and Search Engine Marketing

Businesses of all Sizes Can Now Take Control of Digital Advertising Campaigns to Acquire and Grow the Highest Value Customers at the Lowest Cost
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With its powerful technology platform, New Engen helps companies acquire and grow the highest value customers at the lowest cost across digital channels. Today, the company unveiled its new self-service product offering, now available for Facebook, Instagram, and search engine marketing (SEM), so that marketers at companies of all sizes can manage thousands of campaigns and millions of keywords and ads from one centralized platform. The New Engen platform helps marketers target customers at the most granular level, maximizing customer reach by generating a massive number of keywords and ads and optimizing them precisely to efficiency targets. Whether the focus is acquiring new customers, generating more value from an existing base, or increasing customer lifetime value, the New Engen platform allows users to define and optimize to their own conversion events, allocating spend where it will have the greatest impact. Trusted brands have chosen New Engen including, Rothy’s, Walmart, Good American, The Hershey Company, TUMI, Timbuk2, FanDuel, Urban Outfitters and more.

“Google’s and Facebook’s technologies and other tech solutions do not allow for this level of granularity and scale. The New Engen platform gives marketers more control over their campaigns and decisions, and the easy-to-manage interface enables constant testing and quick exploration – it’s digital marketing at scale,” said Dave Atchison, CEO of New Engen. “Our platform empowers marketers to take more control to drive real, measurable results – well beyond what one person or a full team could do alone – saving time and money and elevating their focus from the mundane to the brilliant.”

The New Engen platform helps marketers unlock significant revenue growth by enabling creative optimization, testing and insights at unprecedented speed, and exploring the large universe of potential searches to capture more targeted, long tail keywords, where competition is sparse. The platform also gives marketers ultimate control to bid, budget and make adjustments at any time and at the most detailed level of data – allowing for more sophisticated bidding decisions – and “learns” from the results, optimizing performance that is not attainable by simply using Google, Bing or Facebook’s UI. Without this comprehensive approach, marketers are forced to bid less effectively and will likely fail to account for important differences due to device, match type or creative images, ultimately not achieving the desired efficiency or scale.

“Our marketing efforts are very performance-oriented, and iterating on the right audience for the right message requires a technology platform that allows for rapid testing and real time results,” said Amit Shah, CMO, “The New Engen platform helps our teams develop our own bidding algorithms, scale quickly and work in a more agile manner across multiple channels, so we are excited for the opportunity to leverage this new self-service platform.”

With endless combinations of search terms and ads to find products and businesses, there is significant benefit to targeting granularly. The New Engen platform also takes creative insights to the next level to help marketers create winning ads and campaigns. The platform’s core feature set for Facebook, Instagram and SEM includes:

  • Bulk Campaign Creation + Campaign Explorer for Quick Insights and Trends: Through a single screen that consolidates all significant data for decision-making, marketers can create, search and filter through campaigns, ad groups, audiences, creative and keywords, and take action to adjust bids across ever-changing platforms. Ensure air-tight campaigns with structural keyword negatives and device/match type segmentation so that no possible successful keyword is left out. This makes it easy to test and quickly adapt by automating activities and streamlining the exploration of new audiences, themes and tactics to constantly uncover relevant insights and learnings.
  • Scaled Keyword Generation + Management: The power and flexibility to build and manage up to millions of keywords in minutes allows marketers to maximize customer reach and revenue. Automated keyword negation technology also saves time and money by quickly identifying poor-performing word strings within search terms for new and existing campaigns.
  • Winning Bidding Tech: Hit target CPAs and ROAS with flexible, user-defined rules to optimize bids and budgets and eliminate wasteful spending. Powered by machine learning, New Engen’s platform outperforms Google’s and Bing’s automated target CPA and ROAS bidding by +15%, by reacting to impression and performance volatility to ensure campaigns are bidding effectively. Users have ultimate control and can adjust targets at any time or set their own rules based on different conditions.
  • Targeted Ad Copy and Landing Pages: Create a large volume of targeted and efficient ads that drive quality traffic to specific landing pages. Combined with the platform’s bidding technology, its tailored ad creation ensures marketers are precise in their ad targeting.
  • Customized Conversion Optimization: Optimize to any conversion event, including third party attribution sources, internal data warehouses and pixels. Users choose to define specific conversions most meaningful to their business, providing ultimate flexibility and helping to avoid vanity metrics.
  • Data-Driven Creative Insights: Create custom and user-defined tags for images, copy, video, audience campaigns and landing pages to make data-driven, not subjective, decisions on your ads. Automated notifications detect when an ad is fatiguing, so you know when to launch new creatives. And, the more you use the technology, the bigger creative archive it builds to deliver better insights to help build future ads. Models available with the platform include a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Copy Recommender, Creative Similarity Model and an auto-tagging system that helps marketers understand what types of copy, which ads in their library, and what elements of a creative are driving performance.
  • Real-Time KPI and Trends Data: New Engen provides real-time, actionable data needed for rapid and iterative testing. All analytics are embedded in the platform – no data download or Excel needed – allowing marketers to dig deep into campaign performance. Smart account notifications, like runaway campaign spend and budget constraint notices, alert marketers when action is required, offering peace of mind and helping them stay on top of marketing programs.
  • And more…: The New Engen platform offers additional features and resources for marketers to manage ad campaigns – from improved cloning, conversion trackers and intra-day management, to New Engen’s Audience Recommender, which suggests new audiences with high odds of succeeding for individual businesses, among many others. New Engen is also planning to release self-service platforms for Amazon, Pinterest, Shopping and Snap this year.

New Engen allows for ongoing management and optimization of Facebook, Instagram and Search campaigns without massive teams or sacrificing scale or performance. With New Engen’s platform, marketers can make immediate, data-driven decisions to eliminate underperforming ad spend and optimize with creative, copy and landing page tests that resonate with audiences. New Engen is a Facebook Marketing, Bing Elite, Google Premier, and Snap partner.

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