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New SmarterHQ Capabilities Enable Marketers to Personalize Based on Wishlisted & Favorited Product Interactions

‘Wishlists & Favorites’ Launch Extremely Timely for Retail and Travel & Hospitality Marketers as They Prepare for Holiday Shopping and Travel Season
New SmarterHQ Capabilities Enable Marketers to Personalize Based on Wishlisted & Favorited Product Interactions

SmarterHQ, a leading personalization platform, announced today the launch of Wishlists & Favorites, allowing marketers to easily expand highly targeted personalization to include wishlisted and favorited product interactions. These “list” interactions are collected by SmarterHQ—alongside other interactions like product and cart views—and are used by brands for deeper segmentation and retargeting. Today’s announcement is especially timely for B2C marketers in the midst of planning for holiday shopping and travel season, as Wishlists & Favorites enables them to re-engage customers who are farther down the funnel and displaying intent to purchase specific items.

“DSW continues to look for ways to deliver hyper-personalized messages that our customers are expecting. SmarterHQ’s new launch of Wishlists & Favorites fills an existing gap delivering relevant messages within our customer journey,” said Melissa Durham, Director, CRM & Loyalty at DSW.

“Ninety-five percent of consumers admit they do other things while shopping, so it makes sense why wishlisting is on the rise—list interactions enable multitasking customers to go back and view products when convenient for them,” said Michael Osborne, President & CEO of SmarterHQ. “Our launch of Wishlists & Favorites simplifies a brand’s ability to identify and connect with those who are actively engaging and showing interest in things they are more likely to buy—allowing marketers to send extremely relevant messages such as product alerts or holiday gift guides based on items they’ve wishlisted throughout the year.”

SmarterHQ’s Wishlists & Favorites make it possible for marketers to:

  • Collect customer wishlist and favorite interactions alongside products viewed, carted and purchased.
  • Identify audiences who have wishlisted and favorited products in specific categories or brands.
  • Target those who have favorited products in alert categories like price drop and low inventory.
  • Flexibly retarget the products each customer has wishlisted in triggers and promotional sends.
  • Automate highly personalized messaging across email, web, ads and mobile push.

This new offering from SmarterHQ is the latest in a series of new capabilities from the company this year helping brands to enhance their cross-channel personalization efforts. The company recently announced Ad Personalization, which enables marketers to easily connect the highly targeted and modeled audiences created in their platform with Facebook and Google. Prior to that, SmarterHQ launched App Data Collect and Mobile Push Messaging to help brands easily and flexibly incorporate mobile into their cross-channel marketing strategy. Earlier this year, the company announced Profile Data Collect, which allows customers to combine CRM, persona and loyalty data with behavioral data.

About SmarterHQ
SmarterHQ is a personalization platform that makes it easy for marketers to increase revenue now and customer relationships over time by powering highly relevant, cross-channel experiences. Trusted by leading brands such as Bloomingdale’s, Hilton, Santander Bank, and Finish Line, SmarterHQ activates real-time, multichannel data, identifies audiences quickly based on customer behavior and information, and automates personalized content across outbound and online channels. They have been recognized by Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study to deliver 667% in ROI. Learn more at SmarterHQ.com.

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