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NICE announces the Spring 2023 release of CXone

New CXone capabilities provide real-time interaction guidance and unique low-code smart self-service options

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced the Spring 2023 release of CXone, which adds new AI-powered capabilities that accelerate digital fluency to help brands master CXi (customer experience interactions). The new release unveils a comprehensive, well-rounded set of offerings to meet customers at their preferred digital doorstep and empower sales-driven agents to deliver seamless experiences to win new business. The new capabilities also include enhanced digital reporting capabilities, providing historical visibility into agent performance across multiple digital channels.

The CXone Spring 2023 Release produces plug-and-play simplicity to accelerate development efforts. An all-new bot skills library creates a community for bot builders to share capabilities to expedite development of smarter bots. No code templates enable customers to effortlessly create rich messaging across multiple digital channels including Google Business Messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Messages for Business. This opens huge opportunities for agents to provide richer interactions on customers’ preferred digital touchpoints.

Ten new sales-effectiveness Enlighten AI models bring real-time interaction guidance to the front line of revenue generation. The models, specifically designed for agents engaged in sales, coach the agent in real-time, pinpointing opportunities, and displaying sales metrics and behavior scores for performance improvement.

“We are proud to launch another milestone that will allow our customers to leap forward in their journey to create AI-driven digital fluency,” said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division. “The ability to build and deploy smart bots along with new Enlighten sales models is a major competitive differentiator, delivering real-time guidance to sales agents to win new customers and drive massive revenue growth for brands.”

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