NoxInfluencer Helps Brands Leverage YouTube Channel Stats

By leveraging YouTube statistics, content creators can ensure their growth stays on track
By leveraging YouTube statistics

YouTubers are earning impressive incomes through the world’s top video content platform with YouTube channel stats that inspire others to become YouTube content creators. For instance, Logan Paul raked in $14.5 million in 2018, and his brother, Jake Paul, earned $21.5 million in the same year; Jeffree Star made $18 million that year. There’s no doubt that YouTube channel stats can be a powerful money maker, but many content creators find difficulty breaking the code and going viral with exceptional YouTube analytics. Knowing the truth about YouTube analytics and how to use them for success is taking YouTubers to higher income thresholds than ever.

The key to success is treating it like a business. With a business plan in place, YouTube content creators are making informed decisions about content and ad placement, and they are staying consistent with their content creation. As with any content marketing strategy, analytics are critical. While YouTube does have some tools in place that help content creators, building empire income means taking a closer look at YouTube analytics.

NoxInfluencer, the leading analytics tool for YouTube channel stats, is helping content creators monitor and analyze channel data like never before with a two-fold mission.

First, users can research to see what others are doing. For example, NoxInfluencer lets content creators see global YouTube influencer rankings. This research lets users see what successful YouTubers are doing, look for ways to improve their content, and see where they stand among other YouTubers. This is an excellent way for YouTube content creators to gauge where they are and see how much work they need to do before they reach their goals.

On the analytics side of the platform, NoxInfluencer users get an up close look at their YouTube channel stats. For example, they can seamlessly see data change of their subscribers in real-time. NoxInfluencer supports up to ten languages and is available for both PC and mobile. Users can take the platform virtually anywhere.

One feature lets users see live sub counts in real time with information that’s updated every second to deliver highly accurate data. Users can analyze their likes and dislikes to see what their audience enjoys most; analyze viewer comments; and even see the best times of the day for posting videos.

All of these features and more are available exclusively within the easy to use NoxInfluencer dashboard, which offers a streamlined interface for simple navigation. Users can simply view the top YouTuber list, YouTube live sub count, compare YouTube channel comparisons YouTube video analytics, and most viewed videos at the click of a button. Best of all, NoxInfluencer offers all of these features for free.

This platform is a must have for those who are serious about growing their YouTube channels in 2019 and beyond, as it measures the very data that all successful content creators must tap into in order to achieve success and earn more money with YouTube.

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NoxInfluencer is the leading influencer marketing platform and YouTube channel analytics tool on the market, offering everything influencers need to grow their brands.

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