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Workarea Commerce Releases Platform To Open Source Community

Company Aims to Disrupt the Enterprise Commerce Cloud Industry by Building Community of Innovative Merchants and Developers Around Leading Product.
The Workarea solution appeals to agile

Workarea, the enterprise commerce platform built to unify commerce, content management, merchant insights and search, is releasing its software to the open source community. Built upon open source technologies from inception, including Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch, Workarea touts unparalleled flexibility and scale in modern cloud environments. The platform source code and demo instructions are now available on GitHub.

“We’ve built a better commerce platform. Today we’re starting to build the world’s most innovative commerce community,” said Darren C. Hill, CEO and Co-founder at Workarea.

Workarea has helped its current customers grow by giving them the most complete commerce platform to power experiences across all digital touchpoints. In addition to commerce functionality, Workarea enables content-rich ecommerce experiences, powered by its highly capable native CMS. With robust APIs, the platform is also used for headless commerce experiences including retail back-of-house applications, POS, and clienteling such as the industry leading retail experiences provided by Workarea customer and innovative fashion brand Reformation. Running Workarea Commerce Platform as an open source project will accelerate the roadmaps of Workarea customers, and enrich and grow the community forming around the platform.

Where Workarea Fits
The Workarea solution appeals to agile, tech-minded merchants whose operational needs and functional ambitions outpace the roadmaps of the common multi-tenant SaaS solutions. It is also an attractive option for large enterprises wishing to unburden themselves from the high costs of proprietary legacy systems, without sacrificing their unique requirements. The solution is an attractive alternative to other enterprise commerce platform offerings such as Magento Commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

“Our customers and partners have inspired us with what they can do on the platform,” said Bill Tarbell, VP of Marketing at Workarea. “Workarea Commerce has allowed them to build the experiences they want, faster. It’s in the spirit of making this type of innovation accessible to everyone, we have decided to go open source.”

Bringing Transparency to the Platform Selection Process
The move will offer unprecedented transparency to enterprise merchants evaluating new commerce platforms. “Our team has always had tremendous confidence in our product and we’ve always strived to give merchants full transparency during the evaluation process. The open source availability will take this to the next level and allow interested parties to evaluate the capabilities of the Workarea tools without needing to immediately engage in a full sales cycle,” said Avery Amaya, Workarea CRO.

A Turnkey Cloud Option
Workarea Commerce Platform can be hosted using Google Cloud, Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Workarea also offers their cloud solution, Workarea Commerce Cloud, which powers many enterprise merchants, including Reformation, Lonely Planet and URBN brands BHLDN and Terrain. This offering provides an accelerated path for B2C and B2B merchants to run Workarea by bundling infrastructure, security and compliance, additional platform features, quarterly feature upgrades and support. “Workarea Commerce Cloud offers our customers a high performance, scalable, secure, fully-managed solution, without the typical constraints forced by other SaaS Commerce products,” said Jason Hill, CTO and Co-founder.

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About Workarea
Workarea is the #1 commerce platform choice for innovative merchants by combining commerce, content management, search and merchant insights in one open source platform. Workarea Commerce Cloud powers today’s digital commerce innovators across ecommerce and physical retail, including Reformation, Bouqs, Costume SuperCenter, Lonely Planet and Woodcraft. Workarea Commerce Platform is built on Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and Elasticsearch is available to the open source community. To learn more, visit

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