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Entrepreneur Magazine Ranks Scorpion #1 Franchise Marketing Company for 2nd Year in a Row

Entrepreneur magazine surveyed franchisors to identify the top service providers in the franchise industry for 2019. For the second year in a row, Scorpion was named the #1 Franchise Marketing Supplier.
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Each year, Entrepreneur magazine surveys more than 500 franchisors to find out which companies and firms they use and trust the most for services like marketing, accounting, franchise brokerage services, real estate services, and more. The magazine asks the franchisors to state which suppliers they work with, and also to rate their satisfaction with the quality, cost, and value delivered by each supplier.

For the second year in a row, Scorpion has been ranked as the #1 Franchise Marketing Supplier, coming in first place in the magazine’s list of the top 12.

“We want to thank every single one of our clients who not only voted for Scorpion but who put their trust in us as their marketing partner,” said Scorpion CEO Rustin Kretz. “We are proud to help our franchise clients grow their brands and become leaders in their markets—and we do that with our state-of-the-art technology and five-star service, which help take the stress and guesswork out of franchise marketing. So, to our clients, we say a big ‘Thank you!’ because you’re what keeps us growing and innovating as a marketing company.”

Client satisfaction has long been a top priority for Scorpion, with the marketing company also previously being named the Google Champion of Customer Satisfaction for two years in a row. Additionally, Scorpion has been identified as one of America’s fastest-growing companies, with the company recently being named to the Inc. 5000 list for the ninth consecutive year.

With each passing year, Scorpion works to expand on the value of its offerings for franchise clients—especially through its ongoing innovation in the area of franchise digital marketing technology. Scorpion recently released Scorpion One, an all-in-one digital marketing system that helps to align franchisor national brand efforts with franchisee local marketing campaigns.

Scorpion One helps franchisors consolidate and manage all their digital marketing data and campaigns in a single platform. It also allows them to easily create brand-compliant ads that are localized for every single location, and leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the performance of their campaigns.

“It’s easy for franchise marketing to become fragmented. Scorpion One helps franchisors remove the chaos and confusion from marketing that burdens many brands today,” said Corey Quinn, Chief Marketing Officer for Scorpion. “With a single digital marketing platform and a single partner guiding their strategy, it becomes easier for franchisors to streamline their marketing—resulting in improved brand messaging and visibility, as well as more effective and efficient marketing that allows franchise brands to better scale their growth.”

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