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Omnichannel Experience Orchestration Leader Insider Enters the USA

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Insider helps 800+ leading brands like Virgin, Samsung, GAP, and Pizza Hut accelerate digital growth through best-in-class customer engagement.

Singapore-based Insider, a profitable SaaS company that takes a unique approach to omnichannel experience orchestration, announced its entry to the USA as a next step to reach aggressive growth targets. Leading the growth in the region will be Jim Koepke, now joining the Insider team as the Managing Director, USA.

Insider currently operates in 25 countries, bringing omnichannel experience orchestration from Korea to Indonesia, UK to Brazil for 800+ brands including industry powerhouses like Estée Lauder, LenovoNew BalancePumaCNN, and GNC. After penetrating some of the vastest and mobile-only markets in Asia, establishing itself as a leader in the EU and expanding into markets like LatAm, Insider is set to bring its experience and knowledge to the US market. With teams on the ground in each country that they are present in, Insider ensures deep localization and unparalleled support for their clients.

“Over the past 8 years, we’ve come to embrace the struggles and failures of democratizing AI and marketing technologies in mobile-only and some of the toughest markets in the world. Providing our technology at this scale and expanding our business to 25 countries came with complex challenges that helped us build our muscles in many areas. Now, with a team of 600+ people, we are ready to cement our global presence with our entry into the US market. We have set bold plans into motion and have full confidence in our platform that will deliver a unique approach in omnichannel experience orchestration. This is a milestone we’ve been planning carefully, and finally, USA, we’re home,” said Hande Cilingir, Co-founder and CEO of Insider.

Most digital marketers face the same problem: there are too many tools that claim to be “omnichannel” and provide a “hub.” Meanwhile, customer data still sits in silos, sales channels remain under-developed or even unavailable and the end product is more point-solutions rather than a true hub. The result exacerbates the disjointed experiences for consumers and hinders marketing ROI.

Insider‘s AI-powered platform enables enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behavior with an AI-powered intent engine and orchestrate and deliver individualized experiences to customers. The platform is unique in how it offers the widest set of product features in the market while coordinating all offline and online data across the unified platform and its various engagement channels. The powerful AI intent engine consists of 15+ algorithms that enable marketers to make precise predictions such as which customer segments are likely to convert, buy, and churn, then design the most optimized experiences accordingly.

“We’re very excited to welcome Jim Koepke as our Managing Director in the US. Jim will be leading our aggressive growth in the region and will enable us to tackle the unique challenges of marketers driving the growth of top enterprise brands in the USA,” added Cilingir.

Jim Koepke joins Insider as the Managing Director for the US and brings with him two decades of experience in sales, eCommerce, and a deep understanding of the North American market. Jim previously led the GTM teams for Emarsys as VP of Sales for the Americas. Prior to leading the scale efforts for Emarsys in North America, Jim held numerous leadership roles for ExactTarget and Salesforce.

“Since I joined the Insider family, each day has reaffirmed my decision to do so. Great onboarding. Great people. Great technology leading to phenomenal results for our customers. I have done my homework, seen the platform, read the case studies, tested the ROI models, and reviewed their write-up in the Gartner MQ for Multichannel Marketing Hubs. I have spoken to customers, competitors, founders, and board members. This company is already great and destined for so much more. Insider’s presence in the US is now beginning and I can’t wait to share the power of Insider with the US market,” said Jim Koepke, Managing Director for the US at Insider.

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