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Optimove Launches Direct Access to Optimove Data in Snowflake

The integration provides joint customers with direct access to live Optimove data within their Snowflake accounts, further eliminating data silos and enhancing sharing of governed data across business ecosystems

Optimove, the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform, today announced that it now offers secure and direct access to Optimove data to customers across the Snowflake Data Cloud. The new offering expands Optimove’s partnership with Snowflake and builds on previous capabilities.

Optimove, already Powered by Snowflake, is now leveraging Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing, to give clients direct access to Optimove’s unified and enriched customer data, such as daily snapshots of customer activity and purchase history. This new integration enables clients to benefit from:

  1. Direct access to secure, governed data: consumes customer data enriched by Optimove directly within the Data Cloud.
  2. Faster execution: deploy personalized marketing campaigns in no time with quick, reliable, and simple data transfers.
  3. Reduced costs and efforts: limit the risks, costs, and engineering hassle that result from traditional file sharing methods, data pipelines and API calls.

Optimove helps global brands start their marketing with the customer, rather than a campaign or product. When marketing is customer-led, the customer is at the heart of every marketing action, leading a journey that revolves around them. The creation of the marketing message begins with a customer insight and the delivery of marketing messages and campaigns is dynamic, reacting in real-time to changes in customer behavior, instead of pre-set automation rules. Customer-led marketing has been proven to deliver brands an average increase of 33% in customer lifetime value.

“Companies are turning to Snowflake to mobilize data with near unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance,” said Erik Holt, VP, Global Channels at Optimove. “This partnership between Optimove and Snowflake as part of Powered by Snowflake will allow our joint customers to share data across departments and tools more easily and in real time. The better and more up to date your data, the better positioned your marketing campaigns are to succeed. With Optimove’s data platform powered by Snowflake, marketers control the data-sharing process precisely without sacrificing underlying scale and performance.”

“Optimove is an example of how CRM marketing platforms can power data-rich marketing,” said Scott Schilling, Senior Director of Global Partner Development at Snowflake. “As a member of the Powered by Snowflake Partner Program, which helps application builders design, operate, and market their products, we look forward to continuing to partner with Optimove to enable our joint customers to make more accurate and effective business decisions, improve productivity and agility, and take advantage of new business insights and opportunities.”

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