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As B2B selling continues in digital and remote settings, Outreach, the No. 1 sales engagement platform, launches a trifecta of products to reshape the sales engagement category
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Outreach, the largest and fastest-growing sales engagement provider, announced three new products that expand the definition of sales engagement further than ever before. By focusing on real-time conversation intelligence, buyer sentiment, and buyer engagement, Outreach now supports sellers across the entire revenue cycle while capturing rich buyer behavioral data that provides managers and revenue leaders with greater visibility into pipelines and forecasts.

“In a world that has changed so dramatically, it’s what you do now that matters,” said Manny Medina, CEO and co-founder of Outreach. “That’s why we built real-time conversation and made revenue intelligence actionable. Because we must empower revenue organizations to continuously evolve so they can thrive in this new environment. We’re living up to our vision of reimagining the category and paving the way for a new buyer and seller engagement model.”

At Unleash 2021, before an audience of thousands of sales practitioners and industry thought leaders, Outreach unveiled Outreach KaiaOutreach Insights, and Outreach Success Plans, all designed to support sales reps, managers, and leaders:

Outreach Kaia provides sellers with in-the-moment coaching, leading to faster seller ramp times, shorter deal cycles, and better buyer experiences. Leveraging industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI), Kaia is a voice-and video-enabled virtual sales assistant that surfaces relevant sales enablement content based on real-time buyer prompts, transcribes conversations with more than 90% accuracy, and captures notes and action items. By providing real-time coaching, capturing notes and next steps, Kaia makes every sales rep more effective and every customer conversation more productive.

Outreach Insights helps sellers better understand the level of interest a prospect or customer has in engaging in a sales conversation. Outreach Insights is an integrated reporting and analytics solution that leverages cutting-edge AI to detect buyer sentiment and more accurately measure buyer emotion, allowing sellers to optimize what, when, and how they communicate with their buyers. Sentiment analysis represents a significant leap forward relative to legacy and ineffective activity metrics like reply, click, and open rates, which are incorrect 50% of the time.

Outreach Success Plans allows sellers and buyers to collaborate on the Outreach platform to create dynamic action plans leading to mutually successful business outcomes. The first-of-its-kind product, now available in public beta, coordinates and aligns sell-side and buy-side teams involved in the deal. Data captured from these interactions will provide revenue leaders with the ability to course-correct deals that are off track and forecast with more accuracy.

“Over the last 15 months, as revenue leaders strived to meet and exceed targets amid a global pandemic, they faced the most challenging environment of their careers. As the economy bounces back, those leaders who made bets on the right technologies and providers are thriving, while those that didn’t are missing a huge opportunity,” said Mary Shea, global innovation evangelist at Outreach. “Having a comprehensive technology platform and the right partner is now more essential than ever. By integrating real-time conversation intelligence, buyer sentiment analytics, and a dynamic environment that enhances buyer and seller collaboration, Outreach is transforming the sales engagement category while delivering unparalleled value to its users across the entire revenue cycle.”

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