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PanShi’s Tian Ning Attends Davos Forum and Talks About RockySaaS

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On January 21-24, the 50th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and Davos Forum was held in Davos, Switzerland. Tian Ning, Chairman and CEO of Panshi Group, was invited to attend the meeting martech news.

With the theme of “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World”, the forum brings together global elites again, focus on the current situation and future direction of the world economy, and discuss strategies for promoting global development. 57 heads of state from 117 countries and nearly 3,000 world business and political leaders participated the meeting. Tian Ning spoke at the forum on the theme of new global economy and talked about the future of RockySaaS.

Tian Ning pointed out that the size of China’s digital economy in 2019 is 31.3 trillion yuan, accounting for 34.8% of GDP. The digital economy represented by the Internet has become a new engine of China’s economic growth. China’s new economy industry is developed and accounts for a relatively large portion of the world. For example, e-commerce, games, animation, etc. have established a complete industrial chain.

Tian Ning introduced that around the core technology of big data, Panshi RockySaaS has 8 core cloud products including e-commerce, CRM, marketing, credit, social, OA HR, and finance, and is positioned to help SMEs transform and upgrade martech.

Since the rise of the SaaS wave, companies in the US SaaS market, such as Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, and Zendesk, have been far ahead in the world, while Chinese companies have not slowed down. Panshi RockySaaS is actively moving towards becoming an industry benchmark with its high-quality integration capabilities, unique vision and keen sense of industry. In November 2019, Panshi RockySaaS ushered in the acquisition of Digital Key Technology and Qingliu Technology, and became the major shareholders of the two companies with 65% equity and 55% equity respectively. Digital Key Technology and Qingliu Technology are industry leaders in their respective fields. Panshi RockySaaS reached a strong alliance after acquiring two companies.

At present, RockySaaS has accelerated its overseas deployment, using its own super SaaS platform to provide transformation and upgrade services for global SMEs, helping global SMEs to expand global markets, shaping global brands and serving global consumers.

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