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Paperbell grows 10% every month through the use of ActiveCampaign

100% of the software company's monthly revenue is directly touched by ActiveCampaign Postmark's automation and product capabilities

Software company Paperbell grows 10% every month through the use of ActiveCampaign, the leader in marketing automation. With half of Paperbell’s new customers coming in through a single automated workflow that leverages transactional email and email automation, the company adds 2,500 qualified leads to its email list each month and 100% of its monthly revenue growth is directly touched by ActiveCampaign, replacing the company’s sales team.

Similar to Paperbell, many businesses have experienced growth through the use of ActiveCampaign Postmark automations. And with the new Postmark CX App, emerging businesses can now set up and trigger transactional emails from an automation, making it easier than ever to embed transactional emails into their workflows. This accessibility enables everyone in a business to create powerful customer experiences.

Businesses can now trigger transactional emails from any automation in ActiveCampaign—they no longer need developer resources or to go through the API. They can simply add transactional email to their automation, connect their Postmark account, and then they’re ready to send 1:1 messages. With ActiveCampaign powering Paperbell’s product emails and connecting all of their marketing activities, the Paperbell team can use the power of the email channel throughout all customer touchpoints, helping them grow even more.

Here’s what else businesses can do when they incorporate automating transactional emails into their workflows with ActiveCampaign:

  • Use drag-and-drop email templates to create transactional communications. Businesses no longer need to know how to code HTML emails in order to send these crucial 1:1 messages.
  • Personalize messages using customer data. Everyone across teams will have access to deeper insights, enabling them to offer 1:1 experiences.
  • Track opens, clicks, deliveries and bounces to send more relevant and targeted messages based on real data.

ActiveCampaign has created a variety of transactional email recipes to bring marketing, sales, and transactional messages together in one place, including: order confirmation, RSVP confirmation, Eventbrite: event refund notification, Docusign: send signature reminder and more. By implementing these recipes, entrepreneurs can create seamless interactions with each of their customers.

Expert supporting quotes on how businesses can grow with ActiveCampaign

“Since Postmark joined the team at ActiveCampaign, we’ve been busy developing ways to connect our platforms, and we’re thrilled to announce the Postmark CX App as the next big milestone in that journey,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “Fully integrating our platforms means that businesses of all sizes can now seamlessly incorporate transactional emails into their automations, without needing developer support or API resources. Brands can better connect with their customers through every email interaction, whether it’s an order confirmation, password change or event confirmation. Through the Postmark CX App, emerging businesses will be better set up for success.”

“We don’t have any kind of sales team. ActiveCampaign is our sales and marketing team. Basically, we do a lot with email automations, as well as one-off email campaigns. And that’s really crucial to the success of our business because that’s the way we stay in touch with people at scale,” said Laura Roeder, co-founder of Paperbell. “Postmark enables us to make a better product for our clients—and ActiveCampaign allows us to put marketing programs in place to promote and sell our product. It’s safe to say the combination of both platforms has aided the company’s growth immensely.”

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