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Performance Marketing Company DFO Global Promotes 3 executives to VP

DFO Global Performance Commerce, an industry-leading performance marketing and eCommerce company, announced three elevations today.
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DFO Global Performance Commerce, an industry-leading performance marketing and eCommerce company, announced three elevations today.

Jamie Achurch was previously a media buying manager, where he oversaw several profitable eCommerce campaigns. As vice president of media buying, his oversight shifts to other team members, where he will provide guidance and direction for multiple buyers across geographies and platforms.

Adrian Fuentes was previously one of our search engine optimization (SEO) project managers, where cascaded optimization principles to several internal brands. As vice president – SEO, Adrian will oversee 7+ writers and designers and manage all SEO-related content for DFO’s internal brands, including those on Amazon, Shopify, and other related pages and applications.

Vito Marchiori was previously one of our eCommerce project managers where he delivered media buying assets and other content to internal media buyers. As vice president, Vito will oversee project management for the entire global media buying team. He will bring ideas to life, streamline the creative creation process, test, and optimize assets, and execute – in concert with the chief strategy officer – other media buying-related items.

“These three are a testament to our goal of empowering staff and helping them grow professionally and personally,” said DFO CEO Bruce Cran. “All three have impressive, unique stories to tell.”

From Pharmacist to Media Buyer
Originally a pharmacist, Jamie took a risk and steered his career toward affiliate marketing. After running traffic on several networks (including our very own Verve Direct), DFO CEO Bruce Cran convinced him to join the company. His time as a junior media buyer was spent finding proficiency across different platforms and, as a natural evolution, bringing those learnings to colleagues. It’s here where Jamie will spend most of his time in the new role.

“Media buyers don’t often share,” said Achurch. “But when you’re growing a team, it’s in everyone’s interest to understand what is and isn’t working. That way, everyone builds, learns and grows.”

On staying resilient in a business where success rates are in the low single digits, Jamie notes that, “you need a lot of patience and a lot of testing. There are always dry periods, but you ride the wave when it comes in. Our goal is to keep a consistent flow of traffic to all our brands and jump on big opportunities when they present.”

The Professor Searches for a New Career
Adrian’s professional journey began in higher education where he was a professor of marketing and creativity and digital strategy manager at one of Latin America’s top 5 universities. Here, he taught international students and created websites, online content, and campaigns to attract new students.

After emigrating to Canada, he applied to a marketing internship position at DFO Global and gained a greater understanding of how to develop and launch new products. Eager to continue his growth, he joined the SEO department as a project manager and spent the last 3 years building sites and content from scratch. It’s here where Adrian will now oversee all SEO-related content for DFO Global’s internal brands and product portfolio.

“Working at DFO has been intensely rewarding,” said Fuentes. “It’s a company that pushes you and helps you grow, learn, and aim for bigger and better things.”

On where SEO at DFO Global is headed, Fuentes notes that his goal is “to ensure that all generated content is SEO-forward. In the end, the ability for customers to easily seek and find a brand directly correlates to its growth, so it’s critical that we put our best foot forward here.”

Big Steps, New Beginnings
Vito stepped off the plane in Vancouver, Canada aware that he and his wife were beginning a new life in a place they’d never been. As a marketing manager in the fuel industry, Vito left his native Brazil for greener Canadian pastures with only a few suitcases and a puppy in tow.

His first few years at DFO Global can best be described as hectic. Originally hired as a customer service representative fluent in Portuguese, he quickly moved into a marketing internship role on the product side and, just as quickly, found himself as a campaign manager. After another role change, the position was eliminated, and Vito again found himself seeking new work (only now his wife was 6+ months pregnant).

One month into his new search, DFO President & Co-Founder Jordan Rolband reached out to him regarding a new project management opportunity with a new team. Vito took the job only to quit a few days later (after feeling the pace of the new role combined with the how can I possibly be supportive to my wife and new baby? existential crisis most fathers-to-be experience). It was the support from his wife and colleagues (new and former) that brought him back to DFO a few days later, where he’s now responsible for bringing fresh, creative content, testing, optimization, and ideas to a 15+ global media buying team.

Vito owns his DFO journey – like the rest of his life – with grace and humor. “Everything happens for a reason,” he said. “I’m grateful to DFO for opening the door to me as I was starting a new chapter in my life and for giving me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”

Regarding his new role, Vito couldn’t be happier how it’s turned out. “I can bring ideas to life and test them. I’ve learned a ton about media buying and split testing. It’s been such a rewarding time for me.”

“The path to success is bumpy; it’s almost never a straight line,” said DFO President & Co-Founder Jordan Rolband. “The journey to now made by these three are all classic lessons in entrepreneurship, effort, and perseverance.”

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