Pitney Bowes and Narvar Launch Partnership

Seamless integration of physical and digital returns capabilities will help retailers control costs and improve customer experiences
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Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI), a global shipping and mailing company that provides technology, logistics, and financial services and Narvar, the pioneer in post-purchase customer experience, today announced a joint partnership to help retail brands streamline their processes for merchandise returns.

According to a recent survey of medium and large-size digital and omnichannel brands, online returns cost retailers an average of 21% of order value, with several brands reporting costs considerably higher. The new partnership between the post-purchase innovators will enable brands using both Narvar and Pitney Bowes to test and automate finding the right balance between convenience and cost in returns, and exchanges.

“Post-purchase processes—and returns in particular—are not only significant cost centers for ecommerce brands, but are becoming even more complex due to supply chain disruption and the macroeconomic landscape,” said Amit Sharma, CEO at Narvar. “The combination of Narvar’s post-purchase experience platform and Pitney Bowes’ ecommerce logistics capabilities will dramatically accelerate a retailer’s transition to a more personalized and efficient returns model, while simultaneously saving brands money and improving the customer experience.”

“Ecommerce brands are in a tough position. The cost reductions necessary among logistics teams today could unintentionally impact the customer experience,” said Gregg Zegras, EVP and President, Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce. “There is tremendous opportunity to create a win-win for brands and consumers by more closely integrating front-end experience technology with transportation networks and operations. The combination of physical and digital capabilities in this joint offering from Pitney Bowes and Narvar will allow merchants to easily test and design the most pragmatic post-purchase experience for their consumers.”

The joint offering by the companies brings a unique and seamless integration of capabilities to market, including:

  • Pre-integrated technologies, onboarding, and support, available to all Narvar and Pitney Bowes Ecommerce clients
  • Label-less returns, nationwide home pickup services, fast refunds, and store credit processing for optimum consumer experience leveraging Narvar’s market-leading post-purchase platform
  • Highly-configurable returns routing, transportation and processing services, built to fit the unique brand experience and cost goals of each merchant—leveraging Pitney Bowes innovative Designed Returns services

The partnership allows Pitney Bowes and Narvar clients the opportunity to adopt these new capabilities quickly ahead of the upcoming holiday peak season, with numerous joint clients already launched.

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