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Plannuh Introduces Comprehensive Marketing Campaign

For the first time, marketers can now demonstrate the true ROI of campaigns and on their entire marketing plan
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Plannuh Inc., makers of the world’s leading AI-Driven marketing leadership platform, today announced new functionality that helps marketers reliably and consistently measure the true ROI of their marketing campaigns and their entire marketing plan. Built on Plannuh’s unique ability to accurately capture the entirety of marketing investments into plans and their campaigns, the latest release delivers accurate cost-per-outcome (CPO) and return on investment (ROI) insights that allow marketers to track and prove the full business value of their programs.

Plannuh makes it easy for marketing teams to track and maintain real-time visibility into their budget allocations and expenses (the I in ROI). Based on this, Plannuh provides accurate, current CPO insights that measure the efficiency of marketing investments. Now, Plannuh also captures Value-per-outcome data (the R in ROI), which allows full ROI analysis – the ultimate goal of CMOs around the world.

Based on budget and metric targets defined by the user, Plannuh automatically calculates their target CPO and ROI. It then tracks performance against those targets over time, allowing CMOs and their team members to gain real-time insight into campaign and plan performance; identify top and bottom performers in order to nimbly rebalance investments to improve the effectiveness of their plans, and easily demonstrate the value of their marketing investments within and outside the marketing organization.

What’s included in the release:

  • Value-per-outcome (VPO). Users may assign a VPO to elevate their marketing metrics from CPO to ROI. Plannuh can guide marketers through the process to calculate realistic VPO’s for their campaign metrics.
  • Metrics Analytics. Plannuh’s new Metrics Analytics functionality enable Plannuh customers to define desired campaign outcomes based on milestones so they can set realistic targets over time. Plannuh communicates performance against these milestones, alerting users as to whether they over- or under-achieve their goals.
  • True ROI. In real-time, Plannuh calculates target and actual ROI and CPO for both campaigns and the overall marketing plan. Because Plannuh accurately manages full campaign spend, the platform can demonstrate the true ROI of campaigns. True ROI means that Plannuh captures all the costs in a campaign right down to the penny. For example, the costs in a digital advertising campaign may not only include the media buy, but also the content development, agency fees, and even internal staff costs.
  • Campaign analytics. Plannuh lets its users know the best- and worst-performing campaigns, allowing them to rebalance their budgets toward the most effective campaigns that will achieve the overall goals of the marketing plan.

This release incorporates the following benefits to marketers:

  • ROI best practices – adopt a consistent, financially-oriented approach to calculating ROI over time, and across disparate campaign types.
  • Visibility for Agility – gain early and clear insight into the top- and bottom-performing campaigns in order to swiftly rebalance your plan and budget effectively.
  • Quick time benefit – automated set-up and intuitive marketing UI for displaying metrics.

“Every CMO we speak with tells us that their ultimate goal is to be able to fully understand and demonstrate the ROI of their marketing investments – finally, they can achieve that,” said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh, “We spent years mastering the I of ROI, now we’re thrilled to fulfill this part of our vision, which couples the R with the I.”

Plannuh provides the entire marketing team, including CMOs and marketing operations professionals, with a collaborative, permissions-based platform that is purpose-built for the way marketers create and execute plans and budgets.

Plannuh is used by marketing teams and agencies in North AmericaEurope, and Asia.  Plannuh customers span many industries with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer models.

The new ROI measurement capabilities will be available in Q3 2020. To learn more about our ROI measurement functionality visit

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