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Powerful SEO Trends you must know in 2022

Search trends evolve pretty rapidly these days, keeping pace with consumer behavior. But how do you know which SEO trends are worth adopting?
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Though the fundamentals of SEO have stayed static, with changes in search trends and Google algorithms, we need to shift our optimization strategy. Search queries decide marketing success to a great extent- they drive most of the sales and interactions customers have with your brand. There’s a breakneck competition to get on the first page of Google. This article will empower you with trends that will get you ahead of the curve. Let’s dive in!

1. Understanding Search Intent

It’s imperative to understand the goal a user has in mind when typing a search query.  Your goal as a marketer is to match the search intent of your users. Gauge how keywords fit in and how you can connect it with different stages of the buyer’s journey to answer their queries. Search engine optimization isn’t all technical; there’s so much that goes into it. Explore the role of emotion in search engine marketing.

When you tailor your marketing according to the user intent, the reader spends more time on the webpage, boosting rankings and conversions.

You may want to look at your bounce rates to understand how well aligned you are with user intent.

2. Writing quality content

Content is one of Google’s top-ranking factors, it’s important to write relevant content consistently. Choose content topics that address our audience’s pain points- what type of content do they want to see after entering the search query? Make sure your content answers the users’ questions appropriately.

Find keywords that fit the context, but don’t stuff them. You can use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel to create a keyword list to include in your content. Ubersuggest also helps you come up with new ideas for your blogs as well as content marketing campaigns. Remember to write for humans and optimize it for search engines.

3. Backlinks

Inbound links, more popularly known as backlinks, will continue to play an indispensable role in SEO. It’s one of the most crucial ranking indicators for Google. High-quality backlinks build trust- it shows Google your content is worth it.

The trend will dominate not just in 2022 but also massively influence years to come! The quality of your backlinks matters more than numbers- if you have many links but not of good quality- Google will consider your content spammy. But if you have backlinks from good websites, it’ll shoot your authority up pretty quick!

The Editor’s Note

Watching out trends gives you immense power in the SEO world. Succeeding in the ever-changing SEO landscape needs you to choose your trends smartly and figure out which ones work for you!

Focus on improving the overall experience for your users (You may leverage core web vitals), and Google will reward you for it! Audience knowledge will help you harness the true power of search and tap into customer behavior, creating user-friendly web content and ranking higher.

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