Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence joins Microsoft ISV Connect program

sales automation, a leading digital sales engagement platform for Small and Medium businesses, today announced that it has joined the Microsoft ISV Connect program to help small business owners recover from COVID-19 pandemic with a unique “Pay what you can” offer for SMB’s. With this partnership, small and medium-sized organizations can use Prospur’s digital tools, which are built on top of Microsoft Power Apps, to help them acquire, engage, and retain customers as well as close sales. These tools will be made available at whatever price they can afford on Using accessible-by-design technologies, businesses can take advantage of an inclusive environment to reopen their doors to customers globally.

“Worldwide, small businesses have had a very difficult time navigating the financial and operational challenges brought about by coronavirus,” said Prerna Goja, CEO of Prospur. “Prospur helps to acquire, engage and retain customers to revive their business and drive growth. With this partnership both Microsoft and Prospur will help business owners focus on their customers instead of processes.”

Companies today use a wide spectrum of channels to connect with customers. While they have more pipelines open for business opportunities, they also have a much more complex customer relations environment. Prospur addresses this with multi-faceted sales and marketing solutions that transcend simple calendars and Tweets. They help companies build contacts and follow leads so that their customers are more than just names. Prospur collects and organizes customer data and customer feedback and can perform detailed analysis mixed with interactive communication tools that help businesses understand their customer needs and their audience like never before.

“Microsoft is pleased to announce that Prospur and their Digital Customer Management Platform have joined the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem to help small business customers in these challenging times,” said Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Corp.  “The impact of COVID-19 is being felt by many businesses, in particular small ones that survive on tight profit margins and with limited resources. By integrating their Digital Customer Management Platform with Microsoft PowerApps, Prospur will help enable small businesses to more effectively grow their customer base and business.”

As a small business owner herself the CEO of, Prerna understands the pain and the challenges in front of the SMB’s due to COVID – 19 and this was the motivating factor for her to come up with a unique “Pay what you can” offer for Prospur’s SMB customers.

With Power Apps as its foundation, the Prospur platform can help businesses transform manual and outdated processes into digital, automated ones. Lead generation and marketing tools in-built in the Prospur platform help target the best customer opportunities and easy integration with services such as Microsoft 365, PayPal, and Square leading to timely invoicing and payments. Such tools give small businesses an opportunity to succeed during this challenging environment and beyond.

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