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quantilope partners with Microsoft to launch quinn


quantilope, a leading provider of automated research technology, has long been known for its ease of use, speed in delivering in-depth consumer insights, and offering the largest suite of automated advanced research methodologies. To continue offering researchers innovative capabilities, quantilope is proud to introduce quinn – its market-leading AI Co-Pilot with an ever-expanding list of AI features to drive efficiencies in advanced method consumer research.

Built directly into quantilope’s end-to-end Consumer Intelligence Platform, quinn leverages both Generative and Synthesizing AI to collaborate with researchers by providing actionable recommendations and analysis for developing advanced method surveys, analyzing data, and reporting.

“As AI continues to advance, it’s incredibly exciting to grow along with it,” explained quantilope CEO Peter Aschmoneit. “Now more than ever, executives require deep consumer insights to drive growth for their organizations and it’s our commitment to providing researchers with the most innovative approaches to obtaining these insights. With quinn, researchers don’t just get a few new features; they get a new member of their team offering inspiration and guidance to conduct advanced research projects easier than ever before. quinn is your new partner to answer not only more business questions, but to solve and drive boardroom conversations with deep consumer insights.”

Starting today, quantilope users can leverage quinn for creating advanced method surveys, analysis, and reporting. quantilope plans to continue its investment and development for quinn to offer an ever-growing list of AI-driven tools and features, continuing its position as a leader in automated market research technology.

“quinn represents an exciting shift not just for our company but for our industry at large,” says quantilope Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Lucas Bremer. “Empowering researchers with the ability to keep up with the growing demand for insights while simultaneously prioritizing the safety and security of our users’ data were key factors in quinn’s development. We are proud to have partnered with Microsoft to bring our AI to life and ensure our clients data will never be used to fine tune or train foundational AI models.”

quantilope client Kwame Wireko, Growth Marketer at Nestlé R&D US Accelerator, reiterates the value of quantilope’s application of AI in saying: “It’s exciting to see quantilope double down on building practical use cases of AI in consumer research with such tools built seamlessly into their platform, enabling our team to deliver even more value to our stakeholders and build stronger, consumer-focused products.”

Those that are excited to meet quinn and learn more about this new AI research Co-Pilot are encouraged to reach out through quantilope’s website.

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