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Quantiphi launches Qollective.CX

Qollective.CX is a one-stop experience management platform that enables organizations to provide best-in-class AI-powered customer, agent, and employee experiences.

Quantiphi, an AI-first Digital Engineering company, launched the Qollective.CX platform that leverages AI to simplify experience management for enterprise customers.

Quantiphi has had significant successes with Conversational AI, building CX enhancement solutions for all industry verticals, especially Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, and Public Sector. The company deeply integrates with Google Cloud Contact Center AI in its offerings and received the Google Breakthrough Partner of the Year Award – North America, majorly attributed to Quantiphi’s prowess in CCAI among other specializations

The Changing Experience Landscape

Organizations worldwide are prioritizing digital transformation in response to the pandemic-altered consumer behavior. Gartner’s 2021 Digital Business Acceleration Survey reports that enhancing customer experiences and improving employee productivity are the top business objectives for enterprises. Organizations are looking for a holistic experience strategy to achieve the aforementioned business goals.

Some of the key operational challenges faced by organizations correspond to:

(1) Poor customer experience due to long wait times in query resolution and multiple transfers between agents

(2) Disproportionate amount of time spent by agents on lower order tasks leading to low job satisfaction and high attrition

(3) Lack of an integrated ecosystem and existence of disparate data sources that negatively impact live agent operations and customer experience

What Qollective.CX Offers

With Qollective.CX, the company aims to offer a single platform play that can be leveraged by enterprise customers to address the above-mentioned challenges. The platform comprises six key modules designed to bridge targeted experience modernization gaps that occur at various stages of the ‘enterprise experience’ journey.

  1. Intent warehouse: It offers a variety of pre-built, industry-specific virtual agents for quick and easy deployment.
  2. sQrutinizer: A continuous workbench that ensures the virtual agent is learning and getting smarter to drive better CX and faster first-call resolution.
  3. GateQeeper: Offers a seamless connection to advanced AI capabilities for traditional contact centers where native connectivity between Contact Center Platform and AI doesn’t exist.
  4. Qompositor: It enables organizations to integrate disparate systems such as CRMs, Customer Data Platforms, and Virtual Agents cohesively with low code and no code options.
  5. QInsights:  A business analytics dashboard for monitoring the overall contact center health, key call trends, industry specific outcome metrics and tracking virtual agent performance for increasing customer satisfaction ratings.
  6. DialogFlow ES to CX Migration tool: This tool automates the process of migrating virtual agents (created using DialogFlow) from the ES to CX version.

“Total Experience strategies can help organizations give a new meaning to customer obsession. We want to build customer-first experiences but innovate holistically, keeping the entire business ecosystem in mind. It is a proactive approach towards breaking down silos at the organization level and letting multiple disciplines act collectively to elevate the experience from inside-out.” –  Gaurav Johar, Conversational AI Practice Lead, Quantiphi

Key Differentiators of Qollective.CX

  • Drive better customer and agent experience.
  • Lower OpEx for contact centers with AI-led automation and improved operation efficiency (40-60%) in 2-5 years.
  • Contact center modernization, analytics, integration, and migration – all core solutions under one roof.
  • Pre-built industry-specific AI-powered Virtual Agents that enable zero wait times while reducing time-to-deploy.
  • Reduction in first call resolution rate for customer service agents using “Agent Assist”.

With the product launch announcement, the company is also inviting interest from select lighthouse customers. These customers will have the unique opportunity to try the new Conversational AI features that are a part of the Qollective.CX platform and get instant access to out-of-the-box industry-specific virtual agents. They will also receive early-adopter benefits in terms of solution consulting discounts and platform usage credits. Customers interested in reducing their contact center operational costs under the Lighthouse Program can now become an insider by registering their intent for this limited-time offer on the Qollective.CX website.

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