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Quantum Metric’s Gen AI solution simplifies digital customer listening

Powered by Google Cloud's Gemini Pro, Felix AI leads the company's latest release, offering quantified real-time session summarization.

Quantum Metric, the customer-driven digital analytics platform, is proud to share its latest suite of product offerings designed to enhance digital understanding across the customer lifecycle. Focused on simplifying how digital organizations listen to and act on the needs of their customers, the latest release includes the availability of Felix AI, Quantum Metric’s new Gen AI-powered session summarization, powered by Google Cloud’s Gemini Pro.

“We are very excited about the launch of Felix AI, harnessing the power of Google Gemini to provide clarity to the areas of the digital experience that have the greatest impact,”  said Paul Tepfenhart, Global Director of Retail Industries at Google Cloud. “Quantum Metric has built a Gen AI-powered product that takes their deep customer-centric data set and helps their customers accelerate their AI strategy.  In the hands of digital leaders, Felix AI enables customers to transform the way teams analyze and empathize with the customer opportunities.”

Session replays, regularly used by digital organizations, provide needed visibility into the customer experience but are inherently complex and time-consuming. In fact, in 2023, Quantum Metric customers spent over 320K hours reviewing session data.

Powered by Google Cloud’s Gemini Pro model, Felix AI summarizes a session in seconds, capturing the exact experience the visitor went through. Breaking away from the traditional session replay tools, Felix AI offers a simplified approach to digital customer listening that can be instantly quantified to understand the scale of each issue and its impact on key business metrics. Users can also dig into the details of an individual’s experience through Felix’s prompt, which enables users to ask clarifying questions, such as which campaign a customer came from.

With a flexible API, Felix AI can be extended to the channels and use cases where digital teams need it most including:

  • Direct integrations into VoC feedback received via text, email or even Slack, giving immediate context on customer feedback.
  • Role-based summaries, including support for the call center, where agents can now  instantly understand the customer’s issue before they’ve explained it.

Outside of the introduction of Felix AI, Quantum Metric’s spring release includes three new products designed to support the entire customer lifecycle and further democratize data across teams including product and marketing.

  • Interactions—reimagined to include heatmaps and zoning that make it simple for marketers and UX professionals to quickly optimize the layout and content of their top pages. Also offering improved capabilities when it comes to saving, sharing and collaborating on projects.
  • User Analytics—enabling digital organizations to go beyond individual sessions to understand how users behave over time to build long-term customer retention and loyalty. With new data visualizations, like retention and churn analysis, digital teams can dig deeper into what is attracting and detracting repeat visits across web and mobile apps.
  • Lightning Analytics—a unique and powerful solution built to enable customers to monitor, diagnose, and optimize the critical workflows and operational apps built on Salesforce Lightning.

“In the past, our focus was transactional—how do we help the customer to make a purchase, book a flight, or open an account?” said Mario Ciabarra, CEO and founder of Quantum Metric. “The relationships we build with customers today are much more complex and span an entire lifecycle. To succeed, digital organizations need tools like Felix AI to simplify how they listen to their customers, and tools like Interactions and User Analytics to listen at scale and across their entire customer lifecycle. This is the beginning of a new generation of digital analytics tools, and we can’t wait to see what our digital organizations can do to further the standards for a great digital customer experience.”

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