Qwantify: Comprehensive Support to E-Commerce Businesses

With substantial room for growth in the e-commerce world, companies need guidance and mentorship when it comes to entering this arena. Qwantify, an online business development firm, offers comprehensive, guaranteed support to companies determined to break into e-commerce.
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There are few guarantees in business these days, but with Qwantify, a company that helps entrepreneurs break into the booming e-commerce industry, there is indeed a guarantee — success!

According to eMarketer, U.S. e-commerce sales growth will surge to 18.0% this year, the highest on record since they began calculating this metric in 2008. U.S. consumers will spend $709.78 billion on e-commerce in 2020, representing an increase of 18.0%. Brick-and-mortar retail spending, however, is expected to decrease 14.0% to $4.184 trillion.1

And because there remains ample room for growth, now is the time to break into e-commerce. With the help of Qwantify, a website development firm, companies will find their niche for assured success.

Qwantify doesn’t just offer its clients a website, but rather a comprehensive business model via its Guaranteed Success Partner Program. The Qwantify experts will help to create clients’ e-commerce businesses from start to finish, assisting with market research, securing suppliers, building their e-commerce sites, audience acquisition, and more.

“I really thought this was too good to be true; I was so skeptical. My husband said let’s go for it, and less than a year later, we have an online business making over $13,000 every month. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Keith, Julie and everybody at Qwantify,” said Jessica F., a client of Qwantify.

When Qwantify’s experienced e-commerce specialists get to work, they provide clients with truly customized solutions as opposed to uninspired, hackneyed offerings. They create an extraordinary website that evolves from brand and audience research.

Qwantify’s digital business development team takes care of finding and attracting the appropriate audience for e-commerce businesses. Thus, a company’s site will already have customers waiting to buy products before Qwantify even passes them to the client. In addition, Qwantify’s dedicated team will ensure that companies find and retain more of those clients in the long run.

Once Qwantify has developed a business, it will move to expand it through expert digital marketing. Qwantify’s advanced methods include search engine optimization that drives traffic to an online storefront on a continuous basis. Additionally, Qwantify’s gifted writing and editing team creates copy that converts window shoppers into loyal customers.

Qwantify will stand alongside its clients, working assiduously until its sites meet the $10,000 in monthly revenue goal—guaranteed. Anyone can throw together a website—Qwantify builds a business.

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