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Red Marker opens up usage of AI for Marketers

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The cloud-based SaaS platform that automatically analyzes digital content for probabilistic compliance risk, Red Marker has made the artificial technology available for use for marketers. The martech news space recognizes Red Marker for constantly innovating the artificial intelligence-powered marketing compliance platform of the company that makes use of machine learning as well as natural language processing technology for identifying real-time probabilistic risk in marketing, website content, and advertising.

The company now delivers a new way of operating for marketing and legal experts that now enables them to analyze the risks in digital content 30 times faster than the processes that are conducted manually. This protects the companies against the high – risk content as well as misleading promotions.

Red Marker has patented software, LegalTech that can free up resources, expand surveillance, provide consistency as well as transparency, reduce risk, and improve productivity in enterprise companies that have in-house legal teams.

Mark Wood, the chief operating officer at Red Marker stated that the present scenario and climate of the industry requires companies to use tech for monitoring advertising and marketing and the platform of the company would be ideal not just for legal but also for marketing experts who are not satisfied with traditional manual and slow review processes.

The present climate has increased financial pressure to do more with less. Combining with the fact that users react fast as a flash across social media channels to misleading and deceptive content, there is a need for cost-effective solutions. Exponential development in the technology of artificial intelligence with flexible cloud computing translates in the availability of this technology at costs that are low enough to introduce strong automation and risk detection solutions.

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