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RevJet’s New AI Applications for Ad Creative Experiences

AI-powered RevJet Apps Monitor Real-Time Market Data, Weather, Consumer Behavior and More to Deliver Meaningful Ad Experiences
Deliver Meaningful Ad Experiences

RevJet, creator of The Ad Experience Platform powering digital ad experiences for Fortune 500 marketers, today announced the addition of two AI powered apps available to RevJet subscribers through the RevJet AppXchange. With RevJet’s AppXchange, marketers and agencies can easily connect with key apps that power their creative strategy and management. From leveraging first-party data and creating complex animations to scaling the best-performing social media creative and now, AI-powered product recommendations, RevJet provides the most extensible SaaS platform for the modern marketer.

“The RevJet Ad Experience Platform is the most comprehensive, extensible marketing technology ever built, as it was designed to evolve to meet the needs of marketers through the addition of new, freely installable apps,” said Mitchell Weisman, RevJet founder and CEO. “Our latest AI apps are yet another great example of how RevJet’s app ecosystem provides marketers with an ever-growing library of powerful, beautifully integrated tools to craft meaningful, engaging advertising experiences – without having to use disparate, disconnected third party technologies.”

Two new Artificial Intelligence Applications are now available to existing and future clients, at no additional fee. They are:

Product Match AI App

Dynamically inserts the most relevant goods or merchandise into advertisements based on multiple real-time signals. AI-powered algorithms evaluate purchase patterns, product information and user activity in order to offer and recommend products that are best-matched to the user at the right stage of the buyer journey.

Trending Products AI App

Trending Products AI monitors real-time market data to recommend products that are most popular among an audience segment. Best-selling or fastest-selling products are displayed that match factors including geo, distance from a retail location, weather, audience segment and more.

RevJet’s AppXchange offers an expanding ecosystem of apps, powering all marketing creative use cases in one unified platform, including:

  • AI-powered recommendation apps
  • Video, social, display and native creation apps
  • Personalization, programmatic creative and DCO apps
  • High-velocity creative optimization apps
  • Creative workflow and approval apps
  • Data visualization and “Forever Memory” apps

About RevJet

The RevJet Ad Experience Platform is the first comprehensive enterprise platform that orchestrates meaningful, personalized ad creative experiences at scale. With RevJet, marketers manage ad experiences across every media channel. RevJet was purpose-built to power every marketing creative use case including DCO, personalization, audience management, workflow, approvals, creative performance visualization, experimentation, and self-optimizing performance competitions.


SOURCE URL : https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/revjet-announces-new-artificial-intelligence-applications-for-ad-creative-experiences-300704932.html

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