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Revolut Partners with Adzooma to provide marketing assistance to its Business Clients

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The London based Digital Bank, Revolut has partnered with a digital advertising platform, Adzooma to ensure the provision of assistance with regards to marketing to its business clients.

The Adzooma platform has established effective online strategies for marketing that help the SMEs through this proprietary software.

The platform of Adzooma can be used to run Facebook, Microsoft, and Google ads. Users are also offered the ability to perform one-click optimizations, accessing several automation features that are customized, and white-label reporting.

The head of business products for Revolut, Vadias Adomauskas stated that this advertising platform i.e., Adzooma is supporting the SMEs by enabling them in making the most of their online marketing practices, in the same way, that Revolut Business has made transformations in the business finance. Revolut expresses its excitement about this new alliance with Adzooma and hopes that both the companies work together towards helping businesses succeed.

The Adzooma platform aims to simplify the processes of collaboration and provide access to data in real-time to businesses and enterprises about their online marketing activities.

Before the launch of Adzooma in 2015, organizations had to manage the ad campaigns of Facebook, Microsoft, and Google separately. They also had to analyze and figure out the effectiveness of these campaigns internally which was quite a time-consuming and inefficient process.

Adzooma came up with the capability of integration of all these ad platforms into one single solution which has the potential of enhancing operational efficiency and bringing about a reduction in costs.

The director and co-founder of Adzooma, Robert Wass, stated that Revolut has transformed the landscape of the business finance by resolving relations and customer control and their association with institutions from the financial industry, the two key pain points. Adzooma too functions in a similar way by keeping its customers at the heart of its activities and seeking opportunities that let them push their boundaries, deliver more by innovating for their customers.

This partnership might be the beginning of a long-term commitment to marketing assistance to finance businesses. To know more about such updates from the field of martech, follow the martech cube. Martech cube publishes regular content relating to the industry of martech across the world.


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