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Rippll has Appointed Sarah Hogan as Non-Executive Chairwoman

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Rippll have appointed Sarah Hogan, Global Marketing Director Wall’s Ice Cream at Unilever, as their non-executive Chairwoman to offer strategic advice on how to evolve their new transaction-based attribution product for use by the FMCG market.

Doug Chisholm, CEO of Rippll, said: “We are delighted with this appointment and excited to have input from Sarah regarding how best to position our new transaction data service to best serve advertisers needs. Her wealth of experience in this space speaks for itself, so we anticipate this will ensure that our product roadmap continues to be best in class as it evolves and our client offerings will be customer-centric. This is particularly important as many marketing professionals take measurement services in house to ensure they have a thorough understanding of what drives success in their campaigns.”

Rippll was founded by digital media executives to help bridge the gap between online and offline user journeys. The company owns and operates a suite of location-based apps that trade free, cutting edge features for transparent data access to create a panel of users that can be analysed when exposed to ad campaigns. Analysing consumers movements before and after exposure to advertising gives advertisers and their media agencies access to store visit uplifts.

This year Rippll added transaction data to their dataset such that advertisers can now see the uplift in spending, as well as visits from their ad campaigns and, have run successful trials for major shopping centres and casual dining brands. Rippll hopes that Sarah’s invaluable advice will help the company unlock it’s new product-level sales data to create a unique solution for FMCG brands to measure the performance of their digital media (including social media) spend in terms of actual sales uplift.

Sarah commented: “All marketers want access to data but it’s only useful to gather if you know what to do with it! I’m delighted to have an opportunity to help shape how best to leverage the latest transaction intelligence technology Rippll have added to their portfolio of services. This is a great tool to gather rich behavioural insights by tracking full consumer journeys from ad exposure through to purchase while providing the right value exchanges for consumers along the way. Such rich data will enable marketers to make real-time tweaks to customise content better to consumers while simultaneously optimizing ROI.”

Case studies for location-based and transaction-based media measurement are available on the Rippll website –

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