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RTB House Reveals Why Delayed Google’s Privacy Sandbox Is Positive

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RTB House, a market leader in Deep Learning-powered marketing technologies, is proud to provide a leading source of knowledge regarding Google’s Privacy Sandbox. Specifically RTB House would like to put the recent changes to the timeline for the Privacy Sandbox and what this means for advertising market participants.

On June 24th Google released an updated timeline for the Privacy Sandbox and revealed a plan to phase out support for third-party cookies over a three month period starting mid-2023. The planned changes are designed to allow “sufficient time” for the regulators, publishers, and the advertising industry to prepare for the change.

“The updated timeline didn’t come to us as a surprise, and it is likely a reaction to the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recent interventions on the topic,” explained Łukasz Włodarczyk, Global Inventory Partnerships Director at RTB House. “While there is understandable concern, the announcement gives everyone more time to prepare for the cookieless future, and we believe that it is in fact a positive change that will help ensure the success of the Privacy Sandbox.”

Since Google initially announced the Privacy Sandbox in January 2020 RTB House has been working to make its platform fully prepared for the cookieless future. The company has been an active participant in the project, for example RTB House recently hit a key milestone by becoming the first DSP to successfully use Privacy Sandbox’s FLEDGE simulation, globally buying real advertising impressions for almost 500 advertisers. RTB House is also the only provider to have two proposals fully integrated into FLEDGE, improving the usability and competitiveness of the project.

In this context RTB House believes that the extended timeline represents a more realistic roll-out of the Privacy Sandbox. This will provide advertisers and publishers with precious time to integrate new marketing strategies that combine individual, group-based and contextual targeting. Most importantly the extended schedule will provide time for wider buy-side engagement on the testing stage of FLoC and FLEDGE. This will give RTB House time to refine and test its FLEDGE simulation.

RTB House is particularly pleased to see that Google Chrome is no longer the only browser working on privacy-first APIs that address legitimate advertising use cases. RTB House warmly welcomes Microsoft Edge’s PARAKEET and look forward to Firefox’s future announcement. RTB House fully plans to integrate these emerging cookieless advertising solutions into its platform, and engage with them in a positive manner.

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