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Sales Enablement Platform RocketDocs Launches RocketDocs 2.0

Controlled, compliant, centralized information-sharing now seamlessly implemented for businesses
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RocketDocs, a pioneering Saas proposal software company, is pleased to announce the launch of RocketDocs 2.0, its Collaborative Response Management Platform that helps businesses by securely centralizing a single content library across all sales and proposal management teams. The platform is rolling out to new and existing customers this month.

RocketDocs 2.0 creates productivity efficiencies with ease of use, and features like:

  • LaunchPad™ Microsoft Office add-in to work directly within Word & Excel with Zero IT footprint.
  • Smart Response Technology machine learning and AI technology to support Q&A library builds and always up-to-date information. This includes automation in the form of quick content identification, eliminating search time and allowing teams to focus on high value tasks.
  • Customizable workflows so the platform can seamlessly integrate into your operations rather than vice-versa; also brings the flexibility to ensure critical, regulated content or projects can follow one workflow and less rigid sales content could follow another.
  • RapidDocs™ mobile sales engine to assemble relevant content on-the-fly and generate proposals from anywhere, at any time, with any device.

Additional features to support critical business needs include and other integrations, project and content management features, dashboard views, templated documents, packaged projects and more.

“We’re hyper-focused on evolving our solutions to be one step ahead of the needs of the businesses we serve,” said RocketDocs CEO Jason Pappas. “The new platform powers greater collaboration within businesses, which is critical as teams cultivate processes and systems to support a remote workplace. We take the chaos out of content management process so teams can move at the speed of sales, creating efficiencies at the company level.”

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