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Scala will demonstrate how in-store marketing technology can be used to optimize the shopping experience at EuroCIS 2019, “the leading trade fair for retail technology.” Through innovative retail technology solutions — including digital signs, augmented and virtual reality, mobile sensors, computer vision technology and artificial intelligence — Scala helps retailers deliver an immersive shopping experience that inspires repeat visits. Scala, part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, can be found in booth F03 in hall 10 at EuroCIS 2019, being held 19-21 February in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Additionally during the show, Harry Horn, GM of EMEA and VP of Marketing at Scala, will present “Creating Smart Stores: Using Sensor Tech and Data Insights in Retail” during the EuroCIS Forum on Wednesday, February 20 in Hall 10, stand F04 from 2:20 – 02:40 p.m. “Retailers are realizing the power of analytics gathered throughout the store, informing and driving the customer experience as well as streamlining store operations. Making these insights actionable is key to helping inform a successful in-store shopping strategy,” said Horn.

Booth highlights include:

Shopper and store operations dashboards: It’s more important than ever to have real-time access to business-critical information wherever and whenever needed. An extensive display of dashboards, showing deep visitor and operational insights tied to each retail experience, is included in a “back of house” area of the booth. Experts will show marketers, retailers and brands how to leverage the power of real-time retail analytics, mobile sensors and artificial intelligence, using STRATACACHE’s in-house platform Walkbase to inform and optimize the in-store experience and increase sales.

Virtual reality collaborative design demonstrations: Virtual reality shopping demonstrations will run continually in the booth throughout the show. These live demos show practical, multi-user, real-time, collaborative VR and will highlight use cases for: considered design, virtual inventory, collaborative consumer engagement, internal workflows for pre-visualization, sales engagement possibilities, concepts for flagship enterprise-level immersive interactive experiences and experiential destinations. Bringing immersive design experiences to the retail market, STRATACACHE debuted VR shopping last month, created by Scala Professional Services integrating the NVIDIA Holodeck™ immersive VR environment.

Scala-branded hardware: Scala media players are featured in the booth, including single-, double- and quad-output. All Scala media players are designed for performance, stability and compatibility while ensuring the reliable, timely delivery of rich media experiences. Additionally, on display will be Scala Content Accelerator multimedia caching devices which ensure reliable, timely delivery of rich media experiences in any retail environment.

Guided shopping experiences, focusing on value-add narratives for retailers and marketers:

Personalisation at Scale: The advent of social media influence has evolved and shaped the way we shop online, and our fashion-focused concept leans into this behavior and makes it more actionable by bringing it into a retail environment. Using a touchscreen display, shoppers browse through looks with the ability to view them from a 360-degree perspective on the red carpet. From there shoppers can share or buy their preferred “look” with one tap.

Service Automation: Scala has integrated ordering kiosks with facial recognition technology and a robotic cocktail machine to create a memorable, streamlined ordering experience. After choosing or designing a favorite drink from our self-ordering kiosks, featuring our own commercial-grade tablets, the robot gets to work preparing the order. By automating certain tasks in the customer experience, sales associates are free to concentrate on shopper interaction and store operations.

Assisted Selling: This concept focuses on two key areas that drive the in-store experience — clarity when comparing products and delivery of a personalised, memorable shopping trip. Visitors use a tablet-based guided selling concept to create their ideal bicycle, comparing features from other bicycles along the way, ensuring they are guided toward the perfect product. Product discovery is streamlined, offering unobtrusive upsell opportunities throughout the experience. The concept also provides a tool for sales associates to have insight into the shopper’s preferences before offering assistance, ultimately delivering a concierge-level shopping experience.

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