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SearchUnify Announces Colubridae ’22

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SearchUnify, a recognized unified cognitive platform, announced the general availability of its latest release – Colubridae ’22 – from June 15, 2022. The release embodies SearchUnify’s commitment to amplifying customer support and self-service functions by driving the relevance, speed, and agility quotients.

Ample content is available across avenues. But, what use is it if the users need to scour multiple channels to find an answer they might not even find? Impactful content buried in the labyrinth of channels can cripple an organization’s efforts to deliver superlative customer service. Towards that end, SearchUnify’s latest release ushers in a flurry of features and enhancements that will take digital customer experience (DCX) to a higher echelon.

“SearchUnify has always strived to deliver excellence. This time around, too, we’ve ushered in features that catapult proactive support and render trailblazing self-service experiences,” said Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify.

“Colubridae ’22 bolsters OOTB connectivity and unleashes boundless possibilities to harness the power of real AI. To start with, it renders a supersonic search experience, yields more granular results based on user’s intent, and delivers hyper-personalized experiences that are relevant to a T,” he added.

What’s more, the myriad of added features and enhancements will not only come in handy to improve the efficiency and proficiency of customer support, knowledge management, and customer success teams but also elevate CSAT scores. SearchUnify also fulfills its promise of offering letter-perfect connectivity across enterprise platforms by extending native connectivity to three new content sources, namely Contentful, Vidyard, and Wistia.

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