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Selling Simplified Group Launches Visionary Platform

Selling Simplified Group Launches Visionary Platform

Selling Simplified Group Inc. (SSG) is poised to unveil its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Visionayr, at SiriusDecisions Summit in Austin, Texas, next week to offer B2B companies an innovative solution for data-driven marketing.

Designed to consolidate the traditional martech stack, Visionayr combines marketing automation, content management, hosted interactive content experiences, user engagement monitoring and analytics all in one place. Integrated with SSG’s proprietary global B2B database, the solution will also convert unknown records from various web and social sources into structured data.

Aimed at B2B sales and marketing teams, Visionayr offers companies the ability to build detailed prospect and account profiles over time that show historical activity, install-base information and purchase-intent cues. Visionayr is the latest addition to the company’s Demancentr platform which has other products designed for the marketing professional such as LeadVERIFYR, a product to enhance and verify data.

Visionayr is currently being piloted by a select group of SSG clients and by the company itself in its own marketing efforts.

Pete Marcino, an investor in SSG, said, “For shareholders, Visionayr represents a leap from lead generation into the world of SaaS and intent analytics at the highest level, a place we’ve had our eyes on for some time now. We are excited about the addition of products like Visionayr and their potential to continue moving us further down the road to being a sophisticated player in the realm of data and AI for the B2B market.”

SSG will also be promoting a new line of subscription-based data solutions that will give sales and marketers the option to construct new detailed lists and validate and enhance their existing CRM lists. The company will be offering demos of products at Booth 832 on all days of the summit and encourages attendees to bring a CSV file of an existing list from their CRM or marketing automation platform to have them matched and enriched for free.

About Selling Simplified Group Inc.

Founded in 2012, Selling Simplified Group Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in LondonPuneSingapore and Sydney. As a controller of over 91 million B2B records in its proprietary database, SSG takes a holistic, intent-driven approach to demand generation and martech solutions. All hosted under its Demandcentr platform, its exclusive marketing technology stack provides innovative, intelligent and compliant solutions to identifying, analyzing and capturing B2B demand backed by enriched, intent-based data.

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