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Shirofune Launches Into North American Market

Automated omnichannel ad management platform saves 50% of workload with auto-budgeting, smart keyword optimization, auto-generated analytics and more

Shirofune today announced that its automated advertising platform is now available to agencies and marketing professionals in North America. Shirofune is already the dominant advertising management platform in Japan and is used by leading brands such as Dentsu and Rakuten. Now companies in the United States and Canada can take advantage of the same multichannel advertising optimization tools and manage online ad campaigns in half the time, and with half the personnel.

By incorporating human intelligence rather than AI, Shirofune developed the automated platform to simplify management of digital advertising, giving marketing professionals a single, easy-to-use interface to optimize all campaigns. Rather than having to log into individual advertising platforms such as Meta, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and TikTok, Shirofune maximizes performance across all ad platforms with intelligent auto-budgeting and auto-bidding and smart optimization tools to eliminate underperforming keywords, audiences or networks. Shirofune also features auto-generated performance analysis reports, including auto-linking Google Analytics data.

“The Shirofune ad platform has a 91% market share in Japan because it automates most of the work, cutting the time needed to manage online advertising by at least 50%,” said Mitsunaga Kikuchi, Founder and CEO of Shirofune. “We want to replicate our success in Japan in North America, giving American marketers and agencies the same savings in time and the most optimized performance in ad spending. Shirofune streamlines and standardizes ad operations, is incredibly easy to use and delivers superior results and intelligence across all digital ad channels.”

Automating Ad Optimization with Human Intelligence

Shirofune automates advertising spending and optimization with a unique blend of human intelligence. Algorithms are hard coded and audited daily by experts, providing users with optimal performance and peace of mind. Users start by choosing an ad performance indicator such as the number of clicks, number of conversions or revenue. You then simply enter your monthly budget, connect your ad platforms and automatically import the campaigns. Shirofune automatically optimizes ad spending, allowing you to set spending limits by ad type, ad platform or budget group in a set period of time.

Shirofune’s automated system provides suggestions to improve performance, such as excluding underperforming keywords or ad text. The system also uses data from third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics to optimize campaigns.

An automated report delivery system keeps you apprised of campaign performance, tracking traffic by date and change analysis. Reports show total monthly activity and conversion rates are shown by the total number of conversions, conversion rate and cost per conversion.

Improving Ad Performance

The Shirofune ad management platform captures extensive details about ad performance, showing data such as display locations, display hours and weekly and daily results. The platform also provides time-sensitive breakdowns by search metrics, age, gender, campaign, ad group, keyword, landing page, audience and placement. The Change Analysis report provides comparative analysis between time periods, including analyzing the factors affecting campaign performance.

“Shirofune eliminates the guesswork from online advertising, making it easy to determine what’s working and what isn’t,” said Kikuchi. “Our customers aren’t just saving money with more efficient advertising spending; they are also seeing incredible CPA and ROAS.”

Dentsu Reduces Operation Man-Hours by 54%

“We reviewed several projects in the areas of daily bid coordination, reporting, and analysis that Shirofune can cover, and the results showed a 54% reduction in overall operational man-hours. It is an astounding figure,” said Mr. Makoto Iwasaki, Head of Work Design Group at Dentsu Digital. “Shirofune’s speed is like taking a bullet train instead of walking.

Their platform was developed by a former agency, and the UI is easy to use and understand. As a result, there were almost no questions about how to use the service from the field.”

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