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Sincro Announces Automotive Partnership with Facebook

Sincro partners with Facebook to deliver vehicle catalogs that power Automotive Inventory Ads for auto dealers
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Sincro, an Ansira company, and Facebook announced a partnership that introduces Sincro as an automotive vendor on Facebook’s partner integrations platform to offer vehicle catalogs to auto dealers. As a result, dealers are now able to request a vehicle catalog from Sincro directly from their Facebook Business Manager, streamlining the process of creating Automotive Inventory Ads martech news.

“We are excited to partner with a company like Sincro, that has deep roots in digital and automotive, and is focused on delivering seamless ad tech solutions to dealers advertising on Facebook,” said Bob Lanham, Head of Automotive Retail at Facebook.

Automotive Inventory Ads are a type of dynamic ad optimized for shoppers who are in market for a vehicle. To use them, dealers must upload their catalog of vehicle inventory and include relevant details such as make, model and year. The details allow Facebook to showcase their most compelling inventory and features to those in-market shoppers, but the manual process can be time-consuming.

The vehicle catalog delivered by Sincro will automatically upload and store all of the dealer’s unique inventory data and will refresh daily within Automotive Inventory Ads. Dealers can expect this integration to greatly simplify inventory feed creation, vehicle catalog set-up and pixel placement, reducing the overall complexity of activating Automotive Inventory Ads.

“This partnership with Facebook is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to tech innovation in the automotive digital space,” said Jen Cole, President of Sincro. “Delivering turnkey ad tech solutions that create efficiencies and allow dealers to focus on their business is just one of the important ways we bring value to our customers.”

This Sincro Vehicle Catalog tool is live and dealers can use it to sync their inventory on Facebook by logging in to their Facebook Business Manager and selecting Sincro from Partner Integrations under the Measure & Report category.

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