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Social Media Link Announces Rebrand to Vesta

Company reinforces investment in signature technology to continue driving market innovation, consumer engagement, and growth for brands
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Social Media Link, the leader in Community Powered Marketing, today announced it has officially changed its name to that of its premier Martech solution, Vesta. With an intuitive SaaS platform that elevates a brand’s digital presence, delivers predictive insights, and transforms consumers into lasting brand advocates, the Vesta brand represents the future of marketing, and the future of the company.

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“Marketers have entered a new era that requires rethinking tools of the past. Now more than ever, people are craving connection and brands that create meaningful relationships and experiences will flourish during good times, but most importantly, stay resilient in tougher times,” said Susan Frech, co-founder and CEO, Vesta. “Vesta represents our company’s evolution, revolutionizing consumer relationships, delivering long-term business value, and making modern marketing more purposeful.”

Founded in 2009, the company offers a suite of marketing solutions:

  • Vesta CommunitiesTurnkey solution to build and scale fully branded online communities that enhance engagement, advocacy, and loyalty.
  • Vesta Peer Influencers powered by Smiley360Network of more than one million peer-to-peer influencers that drive authentic ratings and reviews and consumer advocacy.
  • Vesta Insights: Agile consumer-intelligence solution gathers actionable data to inform predictive insights for strategic product and marketing decisions.

“Vesta’s community platform has enabled our team to harness the power of the many Seventh Generation enthusiasts who have joined us over the years plus new users who want to try our products and get involved in our mission,” says Maureen Wolpert, founder of Generation Good – a Seventh Generation community. “Together, our brand and our community members are nurturing the health of this generation and generations to come through how we collectively care for our homes, families and the world around us. Having the technology structure to connect members, share ways to get involved, and measure results has been very valuable.”

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