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Sitecore Advances SaaS Platform with Sitecore Experience Edge

New headless content delivery offers a win-win for developers and marketers alike, creates differentiated digital experiences quickly, increasing engagement and revenue
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Sitecore®, the global leader in digital experience management software, today announced Sitecore Experience Edge, a new set of services on its SaaS platform for headless content delivery at scale to any customer touchpoint, engaging customers longer, while also increasing revenue opportunities. Sitecore Experience Edge is unique in that it meets the needs of marketers and developers alike by providing flexible options for quickly and easily creating the digital experiences and instant appeal that today’s customers demand.

The first release, available early 2021, will be the headless content delivery capability of Sitecore Experience Edge, giving brands the ability to publish content to whatever device or channel they want, from watches and phones to tablets and voice-controlled devices, to name a few. Sitecore Experience Edge empowers marketers to deploy their content fast, without adding architectural complexity, while improving content delivery economics with options for pre-rendering of experiences.

“Sitecore Experience Edge provides customers additional ways to deliver superior experiences, enable options for JAMstack architecture across Sitecore XM and Content Hub, and empower development teams with exceedingly flexible solutions and a modern framework,” said Tom De Ridder, CTO, Sitecore. “Now, more than ever, our customers need flexibility and speed. Flexibility in how they serve up content quickly to meet their customers’ ever-demanding needs, and speed to keep their customers engaged and revenue coming in.”

Building on this flexibility, Sitecore Experience Edge will initially be available in two ways:

  • Sitecore Experience Edge for Sitecore Content Hub™ will enable brands to publish content to a highly scalable delivery platform, exposing high-performing graphQL APIs to deliver headless content on demand to any channel. It will also enable marketers to manage content while developers simultaneously build the presentation and will also allow for modeling, planning and collaboration to manage content lifecycle stages.


  • Sitecore Experience Edge for Sitecore Experience Manager® (XM) allows customers on XM to leverage a highly scalable delivery platform for static publishing of Sitecore JSS sites and runtime content delivery for headless sites. It will enable marketers to control presentation and experience composition, while removing the burden of content deployment, infrastructure setup, and scaling.

Sitecore will continue to build on Sitecore Experience Edge, with plans to add personalization capabilities in future releases, as the company continues to expand its SaaS portfolio and augment its existing headless content offerings with Sitecore JSS and Sitecore Experience Accelerator.

Sitecore Experience Edge will be available in early 2021. For more information, please visit sitecore.com.

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