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Sitecore Unlocks the Power of AI to Automate Personalization at Scale

Sitecore AI - Auto Personalization was developed and refined through a pilot program conducted with Microsoft
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Sitecore Symposium 2019 — Sitecore®, the global leader in digital experience management software, today announced Sitecore AI, a new machine learning framework that empowers marketers with predictive insights to automate the delivery of personalized digital experiences. Automated Personalization — an add-on for the Sitecore Experience PlatformTM (XP) 9.0 and above — is the first of the next-generation services within Sitecore AI, providing one of the industry’s first solutions powered by Microsoft Azure to automatically identify visitor trends, create customer segments, and modify page elements to deliver personalized experiences.

Sitecore AI amplifies the power of Sitecore XP to deliver individualized, contextual experiences that guide visitors along their journey with content that is useful and actionable. It can analyze a customer’s behavior to understand their interests and intent, enabling marketers to learn about where each person is in their journey — without the guesswork — and determines the best content for each customer while continuously optimizing their experience, nurturing them toward conversion.

“Sitecore AI helps us solve the content crisis for marketers by giving them the intelligent insights they need to optimize content creation and personalized experience delivery at massive scale,” said Desta Price, executive vice president of product, Sitecore. “Its real-time, high-performance data processing and analysis has the power to forecast behavior trends and generate smart campaigns with minimal human guidance, yet still customize the AI to their specific use cases. As we go forward, Sitecore AI will be infused throughout the Sitecore platform and form a core element of our SaaS vision.”

Auto Personalization, a feature of Sitecore AI, was developed and refined through a pilot program conducted with multiple Sitecore customers, including Microsoft. It was used to drive a more effective guided experience for visitors to Microsoft’s Partner Network website while making the site faster and easier to manage for marketers. Sitecore and Microsoft have collaborated utilizing Azure Machine Learning to bring AI co-innovations to market faster.

For Microsoft, the Auto Personalization solution from Sitecore enables them to quickly customize content based on the individual user – for example, differentiating between a developer versus a marketer.

“We know visitors are on a journey, but the specific path may be different for each partner. We want to understand where each person is and communicate in a manner that connects with our partners. We previously made educated guesses about what activities define a partner’s interest, but using AI lets us apply data directly to this problem in an actionable way,” says Wina Wichienwidhtaya, OCP marketing technologist, Microsoft.

Sitecore AI – Auto Personalization
Sitecore AI – Auto Personalization does the heavy lifting for marketers, clearing operational bottlenecks that prevent many personalization efforts from getting off the ground. Unlike other solutions, Sitecore AI is the only solution that automatically identifies customer segments, solving for the fundamental element of delivering a unique, 1:1 digital experience.

Auto Personalization offers a dashboard that enables marketers to see what the AI is doing, understand why the algorithm makes the decisions it makes, and quickly interpret the insights to share with stakeholders, demonstrating the impact to business goals, objectives and direct future activities. The dashboard also shows what visitor attributes are most influential, how the algorithm grouped customers together into audience segments displayed and how the offerings that would resonate most with those audience segments were selected.

Sitecore AI operates as a browser-based machine learning service on the Azure cloud.

Auto Personalization will be available December 2019, with Content AI for predictive content performance and monitoring to follow in 2020.

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